Zuburbia - Zuburbia Green Vintage


To promote vintage clothing as a viable wardrobe choice for contemporary fashionistas with well-edited, stylish collections in our online boutique


To utilize green business practices while offering a luxurious shopping experience that thrills and delights


To educate and inform fashionistas about the environmental impact of their clothing choices


Zuburbia Green Vintage offers an eco-friendly vintage shopping experience with a finely curated collection of designer and anonymous vintage clothing, hand-selected for its style and quality.

zuburbia (noun) – a state of vintage fashion consciousness where looking good and doing good for our planet coexist peacefully We put the ECO in Eco-Chic!

Good ol’ Kermit the Frog said it best: “It’s not easy being green.” But we believe it’s worth the effort. So we’re committed to doing all we can to reduce, resuse and recycle in our operations and to helping you participate in the greening of Mother Earth:

  • Eco-dry cleaning and laundering with eco-detergents
  • Free carbon neutral ground shipping
  • Recycled packaging materials
  • 20% of all fur and reptile sales donated to animal activist charities
  •  In addition, with each item purchased we will:

  • Plant ten trees in Haiti
  • Provide a child with clean drinking water for one year
  • Provide lunch to four hungry children
  • Donate 1% of the sale to 1% for the planet to aid environmental charities
  • We put the CHIC in Eco-Chic!

    You won’t have to sacrifice one ounce of style to be a good green citizen. Each of our garments is hand-selected for its quality and uniqueness so you can stop swimming in the Sea of Similarity and boldly go where all great fashionistas have gone--a world where LESS is more. Where one item that expresses your authentic self is preferable to a closet full of the ho-hum. Where every item is an endangered species and perhaps the last of its kind to walk the planet.

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