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Shannon Panzo studied the benefits of Brain Management and Mental Photography with Richard Welch, Ph.D., who is known as the "Father of Mental Photography,” and is the founder of Brain Management and Chief Executive Officer of Educom, Inc. Welch and Panzo have developed scientifically proven theories on ways to maximize the potential of individuals’ brainpower, asserting that following a simple, daily routine unlocks the normally unused 98 percent of brain power and makes it possible to access hyper-speed photographic memory, allowing one to consume entire books in minutes.

Richard Welch and Shannon Panzo believe that everyone is capable of attaining a photographic memory and achieving high-speed learning techniques, which will open up infinite possibilities for mental production, performance, and achievement. Panzo is the genuine successor to Master Richard Welch and the only person in the world who teaches the methods of Brain Management as part of the eBRAIN Management Executive Seminar.

At present, Panzo operates as Managing Director of ZOX Pro Training, based in Australia. He ensures that following the ZOX Pro Training system will lead to improved concentration and self-confidence, in addition to numerous other advantages leading to a more enjoyable and healthier way of life.

The ZOX Pro Training system has been designed to fit each individual’s needs and mental level, so that anyone can benefit from the techniques. This revolutionary new program has been established as an effective tool for those who suffer from learning disabilities, such as Dyslexia, ADD, and ADHD. Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, including doctors, teachers, psychologists, and all manner of other professionals, write Panzo in gratitude for the miraculous results they achieve as a direct result of the ZOX Pro Training and Brain Management.

Moreover, Panzo and Welch have received personal commendations from former NASA Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, and National Trainer for Anthony Robbins, Geoffrey Zimpfer.

In addition to his work with ZOX Pro Training and eBrain Management,  Panzo has also coauthored an inspirational book, Bouncing Back - Thriving in Changing Times.

Read more about Shannon Panzo and his instructor and mentor Dr. Richard Welch’s ZOX Pro Training program at ZOXpro.com.

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