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For more than 10 years, Ohio entrepreneur and business owner Debbie May has offered families across the country the opportunity to possess their own home businesses. Through Wholesale Supplies Plus, Inc., which she founded in 1998, Debbie May supplies ingredients for the production of candles, soap, and other cosmetics. Located at WholesaleSuppliesPlus.com, the company’s website offers a wide selection of skin care ingredients, including foaming bath whip, bath tea, aloe vera gel, and luxury body mist, for use in a variety of products. Debbie May also sells a myriad selection of cosmetic additives, from exfoliants and scrubs to herbs and preservatives.Debbie May sells a large selection of oil products for different needs at Wholesale Supplies Plus. For example, she worked directly with manufacturers to create a wide variety of fragrance oils that can be used to create unique candles and other scented products. With a large selection of scents sold at Wholesale Supplies Plus, Ms. May developed a fragrance finder on the website that provides home businesses with recommendations on the ideal oil for their products. Furthermore, she seeks out and sells certified essential oils that can be utilized as aromatherapy stimulants and aphrodisiacs. In addition, Wholesale Supplies Plus presents home businesses with other additives such as lip balm sweetener, vanilla color stabilizer, and fragrance oil modifiers.Wholesale Supplies Plus represents the entrepreneurial spirit of both Debbie May and the families she seeks to assist. Ms. May, previously a registered nurse, learned the art of soap making and first developed her own home-based business, May Showers, in Broadview Heights, Ohio, after giving birth to a disabled daughter in 1996. After becoming successful in that venture, she sought to aid other home business owners and their families, initially by teaching them through chat rooms and message boards. Now, with Wholesale Supplies Plus, Debbie May aids other family-based home businesses with supplies and training materials for soap and candle making.

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Founded - 1999
Size - 25 - 100 Employees
Type - Public Company
Funding - Private

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10035 Broadview Road
Broadview Heights, OH 44147 US

+1 (800) 359-0944

email may_wssp@

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