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Vertical Search Works, a search and advertising firm established when Convera Corporation and Firstlight Online Limited merged in 2009, provides advertisers and publishers with effective online advertising programs such as VSW FeatureLink and VSW Search. Powered by cutting-edge semantic search technology, advertising programs from Vertical Search Works match publisher content pages with editorially relevant advertisements. Vertical Search Works created these programs to maximize response for advertisers and increase ad revenues for publishers. VSW FeatureLink enables advertisers to reach target readers, ensuring an increased response. In addition, publishers benefit from content pages populated with advertisements more relevant to their readers.

VSW FeatureLink also improves the look of online advertising. Vertical Search Works developed VSW FeatureLink to incorporate logos, images, or videos into plain text link ads. The addition of customized images to text link advertisements dramatically increases the visual appeal of ads, while giving viewers a better idea of what to expect from each link. Vertical Search Works provides advertisers with the user-friendly Web tools necessary to create compelling VSW FeatureLink ads online, and publishers can opt in to the program via a simple online registration. Keenly aware of the value of transparency, Vertical Search Works gives each publisher full access to detailed traffic reports. Additionally, every advertiser who reviews campaign tracking data will appreciate the transparency of the Vertical Search Works daily online metric reporting system.

Vertical Search Works also offers publishers VSW Search, an easy-to-integrate tool that allows readers to search the Web on-site as opposed to utilizing an outside search engine. VSW Search helps publishers retain readers for increased engagement and page views, thereby boosting incremental revenue significantly. Moreover, searches conducted in VSW Search open a separate results window in which publishers may place their existing advertising inventory in the right rail and banner to generate even more ad impressions.
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