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Chicago residents flock to Urban Out Sitters in the Lakeview and West Loop neighborhoods to take advantage of the company’s excellent pet care facilities and services. Whether they seek the boarding, doggie day care, cat care, or walking services, Urban Out Sitters provides it all in two convenient locations, with pick–up service available as well.

Doggie day care at Urban Out Sitters consists of a structured, cage-free program run by trained professionals who ensure dogs are safe and happy and properly placed in appropriate social groups. Dogs must be neutered and completely vaccinated, and each must wear a collar with a tag to participate in the program. Urban Out Sitters’ cage–free boarding services provide comfortable accommodations, separate feedings, 24-hour staffing, webcam access, an outside play area, and an optional bath or brush upon departure. At night, the boarding care turns into a giant sleepover party, with the dogs sleeping together.  

Urban Out Sitters also provides in–home services for working pet owners who must leave their animals alone at home all day. The company provides dog walkers to come to your home and not only walk your dog, but refresh its water, spend some time with the pet, and leave a note that details your dog’s activities for the day. The Puppy Out Relief program, available for dogs up to the age of six months, allows working puppy owners the opportunity for an Urban Out Sitters’ employee to come and take the puppy out for 15-minute bathroom breaks two or three times a day, which helps with the potty training process. Urban Out Sitters’ Senior Advantage Outreach program provides special care for senior dogs through a 30-minute visit that includes a walk, administration of any medications, and muscle and joint massage.

Not only catering to dog owners, Urban Out Sitters offers care for felines. Cat sitters are available to visit your cat once a day, replenish food and water, and clean the litter box. In addition, sitters will fulfill specific requests concerning food or medication and phone owners after each visit. Many owners prefer this type of sitting instead of boarding, as it puts less stress on cats, which are more comfortable in their own homes.

Urban Out Sitters enjoys a reputation for maintaining clean facilities and delivering the highest quality pet care to its clients. The company dedicates itself to customer service and strives to please each and every client. Certified by the Department of Agriculture, Urban Out Sitters is subject to the organization’s high standards of sanitation, animal screening, and quality of care for animals. Urban Out Sitters’ smaller environment enables constant supervision, control, and monitoring of all pets, and clients agree that it serves as a safe and trusted place to take their animals.

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