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Transcriptionlive is a premier general transcription service provider, that exceptional for their flexible pricing policy and rapid turnaround time. Also offering audio, Video, media, Television, radio, Interview, Digital, Focus group, Legal, Mp3 Transcription services at affordable rates to clients across the globe but mainly focused on United Kingdom and Europe. We offer audio transcription services to major radio broadcast networks, educational organizations & law firms etc. All digital and analog audio formats are transcribed. Transcriptionlive offers video transcription services to video production and television broadcast companies. Specialized in transcribe one-on-one interviews, multi participant discussions and research interviews.we provide quality service at very low cost. We are specialized in providing high quality, quick time and secure transcription services with 99.99% level of accuracy. please visit us at:

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Founded - 2003
Size - 25 - 100 Employees
Type - Partnership
Funding - Private

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Transcription Services
5228 N.Sheridhan Road
Chicago, IL 60640 US

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