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TransAm Trucking, which has been in the business of providing dependable freight transportation for more than 20 years, utilizes semitrailers that possess superior fuel efficiency and quieter functioning. TransAm Trucking vehicles also require less preventive maintenance. Semitrailer trucks differ greatly from the other more common vehicles on the road in terms of components, largely due to the greater power and hauling requirements involved.

In the United States, the vast majority of semi trucks adhere to a common set of standards regarding construction and attachment mechanisms.

A brief overview of semitrailer trucks and a description of their individual parts:


Because trucks are often the largest vehicles on the road, they feature a relatively complex signaling system that allows them to communicate with other vehicles on the road. Although some trucks feature hundreds of lights to help cars see them in the darkness, most countries require semitrailers to have at least two turning lights, two brake lights, two rear lights, and two marking lights behind and in front if they are especially wide.


With respect to semitrailer trucks, coupling refers to the means by which the cargo trailer attaches to the towing engine. In most trucks, the coupling mechanism makes use of a king pin and a turntable hitch device known as a fifth wheel, which allows the trailer to rotate laterally, facilitating the steering process. Jackknifing, which is a common type of accident, occurs when the entire vehicle folds at the pivot point, usually as a result of hard braking at high speeds.


Semi trucks vary widely in the weight of the load they carry. To help drivers adjust to the type of cargo they are carrying, most semi trucks feature a manual transmission with anywhere between nine and 18 forward speeds. As the number of forward speeds increases, the amount of control the driver has over the operation of the truck increases as well. In the same vein, using the proper gear ratio also increases the driver's ability to keep the engine in its optimal range and minimize fuel consumption.

Unlike most automobiles that utilize a clutch pedal to disengage the gearbox from the engine when switching gears, semi trucks feature a constant mesh transmission that requires both a clutch brake and a double clutch.


While most cars use a braking system with hydraulic fluid, semi trucks feature an air braking system which creates a more powerful braking focus. Air braking also mitigates some of the most common problems of hydraulic braking systems, including leakages and overheating of the brake fluid. The emergency brake of the trailer and the parking brake of the tractor contain a spring braking system which activates when the system releases air pressure and disengages when the system receives air pressure. This system functions as an emergency fail-safe, as a lack of air pressure to either system forces the truck to come to a stop.

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