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Tagless Threads prides itself on the quality of its screen printing. With more than 20 years' experience, the company's print production team has mastered and streamlined the printing process, resulting in high-quality products created according to customer specifications.

Because Tagless Threads uses a water-based ink rather than a traditional oil-based ink, the images are vivid and long-lasting, and the garments are soft and comfortable. Tagless Threads also specializing in allowing customers to brand their company logo or information inside the shirt and replace the annoying, itchy tag.

As a socially conscious printing company, Tagless Threads is committed to an environmentally friendly printing process, taking advantage of opportunities to recycle, reuse, and reduce whenever possible. Water-based inks are eco-friendly, and the garments are constructed of organic materials. Tagless Threads never uses harsh chemical solutions or solvents and opts instead for less toxic, natural, or plant-based solutions.

Tagless Threads accommodates orders both large and small, using either a high-volume automatic press or a manual press. The versatility makes Tagless Threads a smart choice for customers seeking a few novelty gifts, an organization promoting a fundraising event, or a business seeking garments in high numbers.

The staff is happy to consult with customers and provide information about the company's products and printing services, resulting in a streamlined order process and accurate, error-free orders.

Because the screen printing size is larger than industry standards, Tagless Threads accommodates sizes from small prints for toddler T-shirts to oversized prints that cover most of the front of the shirt. The versatile process allows for the use of a range of colors and custom inks that result in unique, eye-catching images.

Based in Vista, California, Tagless Threads is a community-minded company that has donated both products and volunteer hours to Boobs on the Move, a California-based, grassroots organization that advocates and raises funds for breast cancer awareness. In addition, Tagless Threads supports the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals with a monthly donation.


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Founded - 2005
Size - 1 - 25 Employees
Type - Public Company
Funding - Private
Ticker - N/A

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1068 La Mirada Court
Vista, California 92081 US

+1 800-409-0695

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