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As the head of Stephen Pierce International, Inc., Stephen Pierce continues to expand the company’s reach through programs and workshops that help people to lead the lives they desire. A multifaceted enterprise, Stephen Pierce International capitalizes on Pierce’s talents for communication, providing opportunities for audiences across the country to hear him speak in conjunction with such influential people as Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby. In addition, Stephen Pierce International offers a number of specialized motivational avenues.

In 2000, bankrupt and homeless, Stephen Pierce began successfully trading on the Internet. In the Infinite Internet Income Workshop, a three-day program designed to impart a positive attitude and a sustainable skill set, he shares the personal experiences that led to the founding of Stephen Pierce International. The workshop includes a step-by-step template for financial expansion, instruction in website architecture, and tips on thought patterns that increase chances of success. Stephen Pierce International also presents private training in the form of six-hour sessions in which participants explore their potential and emerge with an applicable understanding of their professional life. Over the course of these sessions, participants pinpoint six critical success questions, establish “seven angles of attack” to use in customer relations, label “nine Internet control points” for more efficient web navigation, and identify “eight playbook fundamentals” and “two primary marketing moves.” Stephen Pierce International also offers businesses and affiliations strategies for applying these tools. Stephen Pierce's engagements include the Moneywise Empowerment Tour, with appearances in Dallas, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C.

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