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In 2001, Stella L. Pitts & Associates PLLC began as a single-attorney practice focused exclusively on family law. However, the firm has evolved into a multi-counsel, full-service firm throughout the last decade. Located in Seattle, Washington, Stella L. Pitts & Associates purposefully partners every client with a top-rate legal team comprised of Stella Pitts, who oversees every case, along with an associate and paralegal from the legal firm. This trichotomy-style structure utilized by Stella L. Pitts & Associates was orchestrated to ensure client-to-counsel communication that is easy and effective. Five attorneys make up the legal staff at Stella L. Pitts & Associates including lead attorney Stella Pitts along with three paralegals and two administrative workers. Among the legal counsel are Christopher D. Pitts, Kevin C. Rowles, Chris M. Kang, Dakota Solberg, and, of course, Stella L. Pitts. The paralegals include Kristine Linn, Cherie E. Juneman, and Tony Y. Shen and the administrative staff is comprised of Ila M. McCullough and Kamala G. Caton. Stella Pitts brings nearly 40 years of experience in legal work to her firm, Stella L. Pitts & Associates. She has experience in many facets of litigation, including contested court hearings, third-party mediation and arbitration, and numerous trials. Today, the staff at Stella L. Pitts & Associates addresses a diverse spectrum of legal matters including commercial, family law, estate planning and probate, criminal law, and bankruptcy. Stella L. Pitts & Associates has seen successful in dealing with a broad range of disputes in the realm of family law. These legal matters have ranged from battles of parental custody involving guardians to feuds over the competency of a parent because of household violence, drug and/or alcohol addiction, or mental incapacity. The firm also has handled a number of complex disputes involving commercial assets, and Stella L. Pitts & Associates has handled numerous cases involving the business assets in the context of marriage and divorce. For additional information about the array of legal services provided by Stella L. Pitts & Associates, visit the company’s website,

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Founded - 2001
Size - 1 - 25 Employees
Type - Sole Proprietorship

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Stella L. Pitts & Associates
1411 4th Avenue, Suite 1405
Seattle, WA 98101 US

+1 (206) 447-7745

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