Sparctech Solutions LLC - Sparctech prides itself on providing personalized service and high-quality IT solutions.

Sparctech Solutions LLC

Sparctech Solutions, LLC, sells and distributes Internet infrastructure hardware, storage drives, routers, servers, workstations, and other products for companies in the information technology industry. In addition, Sparctech supplies businesses with temporary and full-time employees, as well as comprehensive product support and installation services.

With a team of professionals who possess more than two decades of combined experience in the industry, Sparctech prides itself on providing personalized service and high-quality IT solutions. Sparctech stocks products from recognized IT firms such as Dell, Symantec, Microsoft, Oracle, and HP. Sparctech offers software implementation, warehousing control services, backup capabilities, easy transportation of hardware, and data erasure and recovery options. Moreover, as an independent supplier, Sparctech can help businesses locate rare spare parts.

One particularly valuable service available through Sparctech is SparcMonitoring, which allows individuals and companies to stay apprised of their websites' availability at any time of day or night. Should something go wrong with a website, SparcMonitoring will immediately send out a notice to the customer's inbox, cell phone, or RSS feed. Sparctech's monitoring solution also generates reports for added convenience. These reports are easily accessible through web portals and mobile devices.

Sparctech also offers Code-96, a comprehensive solution ideal for law enforcement personnel that monitors internal systems, provides online disk storage, and comes with the latest technology available on the market.

Sparctech is located in Victory Gardens, New Jersey, and serves clients throughout New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. To learn more about the company's professional services and IT offerings, visit

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Founded - 2011
Size - 1 - 25 Employees
Type - Public Company
Funding - Private
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