Sale of the Sentury - Sale of the Sentury organizes and co-sponsors multi-seller liquidation events all over the United States each year.

Sale of the Sentury

When Sale of the Sentury organizes a liquidation sales event, eager consumers find deals they never could have imagined. Sale of the Sentury draws vendors and shoppers to long-running storefront sales that can operate up to 60 or 90 days, as well as the more traditional three-day-weekend exhibitions. In either case, new retail startups or companies going out of business gather to offer fabulous prices on every sort of article imaginable at a Sale of the Sentury expo.

For example, during the five years since Sale of the Sentury established its headquarters in Powell, Ohio, and began sponsoring events around the United States, vendors, exhibitors, and retailers have contracted to sell everything from blue jeans to Nintendo Wiis at one busy location. At a Sale of the Sentury event, prices on Levi’s, LRG, Apple Bottoms, and Rocawear jeans run as low as $12 a pair. Shoes and designer sunglasses sell for as little as $10. CORDURA jackets with Body Armor and biker jackets for women and men, typically priced at three figures, are sold for only $69 each at a Sale of the Sentury show.

Patrons at Sale of the Sentury expos perennially search for good deals on electronic equipment and computers and regularly find them. Vendors at a Sale of the Sentury liquidation often will unload an MP3 player or Bluetooth headset for just $9. Unlocked 3G touch phones or an in-dash car television apparatus that can play DVDs may turn up for as little as $69, and $99 may be all a happy shopper at a Sale of the Sentury liquidation needs to land a Hewlett-Packard Mini Netbook.

Depending on the mix of vendors at a given Sale of the Sentury expo, consumers may discover unbeatable deals on gold and silver necklaces, name-brand athletic shoes, laptop and desktop computers, Persian rugs, and video games, as well as leather purses, wallets, and gloves. A Sale of the Sentury sales event, whether a single weekend or a storefront series, offers a gold mine of opportunities and chances to save a lot of money on terrific products of all kinds. Each seller operates at Sales of the Sentury expos as an independent business, so buyers should check warranty information, return policy, and other details at the point and time of purchase.

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