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Royal Holiday

The Royal Holiday Club travel company provides a distinctive approach to the traditional vacation club model. With a fixed 30-year membership and Holiday Credits that can be rearranged from place to place and year to year, the Royal Holiday model is designed to allow its patrons flexibility in planning while maintaining security in their long-term travel plans.

Royal Holiday packages are divided among a hierarchical series of membership levels that reflect varying amounts of credit according to cost. Royal Holiday’s most affordable membership level is Bronze, which accords the user up to 5,000 points, while the most exclusive echelons of Platinum and Royal start at 40,000 points, extend beyond the 60,000-point range, and include a suite of extra benefits.

After obtaining initial Royal Holiday memberships, clients pay annual dues according to their level and travel agenda. For example, depending on whether Royal Holiday members plan to vacation more or less during the year, their dues will fluctuate accordingly.

Although the specific accommodations and booking schedules vary with the levels of membership, all Royal Holiday customers may visit the club’s array of destinations. Royal Holiday’s clients have access to resorts in more than 32 countries, as well as more than 30 options in prime locales, such as Central and South Americas and Europe. Clients can also choose from sites in the United States and one in Australia.

When a Royal Holiday member decides to plan a vacation, he or she can choose to make reservations from a list of options on the company’s website or speak to a designated Holiday Advisor to develop and confirm an agenda.

Royal Holiday’s unusual approach to vacation planning and payment has garnered a number of fans, and its awards range from a ranking of one location by Expedia, Inc., as top hotel to a designated A+ from Southeast Florida and the Caribbean’s Better Business Bureau, based on the superior quality of the firm’s complaint resolution and overall service.

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Founded - 1983
Size - 100 - 1,000 Employees
Type - Public Company
Funding - Private

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