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Rhino Shield ceramic coating offers homeowners a technologically advanced replacement for ordinary paint products. The product may be applied to both commercial and residential structures. The manufacturer of Rhino Shield works with independent contractors and local, family-owned companies. Rhino Shield offers customers access to a national company’s resources, as well as a local staff of technical experts.

Rhino Shield seeks to ensure that its customers are completely satisfied with the product, an emerging technology in the exterior coating industry. The Rhino Shield product, once applied, eliminates the need for future exterior surface maintenance. The company offers a lifetime guarantee against flaking, peeling, or chipping.

Unlike ordinary paint, Rhino Shield does not need to be reapplied after several years. Rhino Shield provides the same aesthetic advantages as paint, plus several additional benefits. For example, the product is 10 times thicker than traditional paint. It comes in the same colors as paint, and changing the color only requires a new top coat. Rhino Shield bonds to nearly every surface, including stucco, wood substrates, stone, brick, and cement. It is also gas permeable, which allows water vapor to escape.

Rhino Shield enjoys a reputation as the leading provider of ceramic coating. As such, the product sets the standard against which all other similar coatings are measured. Products undergo research and testing as well as verification from outside agencies.

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Founded - 2010
Size - 1 - 25 Employees
Type - Public Company
Funding - Private

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Rhino Shield
1002 Rawlings Drive
San Jose, CA 95136 US

+1 408-266-7048

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