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Reputation Changer Complaints

The team at Reputation Changer wants to know if you have Googled yourself lately. The Internet moves at warp speed and new content about you personally or about your business can arise overnight. To help maintain a strong and positive online presence, more and more people are turning to the services offered by Reputation Changer. Complaints online or negative reviews can really do a number on a business' bottom line. The company gives it clients the assurance that someone is looking out for them.

Complaints online aren't the only problems clients face. Some clients lack an online reputation entirely. They might share the same name as a person with less than scrupulous business practices. Reputation Changer has the solution for these clients as well. The company can help an Internet newbie establish an online presence from scratch. It can also create a proper reputation for a business or individual who has the same name as another. The company does this by creating social media profiles, websites and press releases.

The company doesn't wash its hands of the situation once the initial reputation repair work is finished. Online reputation management is an ongoing process. New negative reviews or complaints can crop up at any time. That's why Reputation Changer also offers monitoring services. The monitoring services keep an eye on a client's keywords. Any time negative data crops up on Bing or Google, the RC team goes to work to buff out the negative and promote the positive about a client.

The company offers a guarantee to all new clients: Complaints are replaced by 12 positive results on the first three pages of Google within 60 days. If the company does not fulfill this promise, a client can receive his money back. The company also lets each client experience its services for 30 days free of charge.

The team at Reputation Changer is ready and able to adapt to the changing times. When Google changes its algorithms, as it does 600 times yearly, the team is ready to change its methods and techniques.


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Founded - 1980
Size - 1 - 25 Employees
Type - Public Company
Funding - Private

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