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A Texas energy partner in power-driven investments, licensed broker/dealer Red River Securities, LLC, provides opportunities for accredited investors to participate directly in oil and natural gas business ventures. Established in 2009, the company acts as the sole marketer for Regal Energy, LLC, a proven producer in Barrett Shale, one of the most productive fields in North America. Although not guaranteed as a source of returns, shale formation represents the fastest-growing source of production in the next 20 years, according to the United States Department of Energy. Red River Securities employs an experienced team of engineers, technologists, and geologists to mitigate risks, and the firm’s senior management has participated in the drilling of more than 150 wells.

Rivaling the stock market and speculative real estate investments as a venture with the potential of providing long-term revenue, oil and gas investment should mirror the growth of production in the future. As the country seeks energy independence and demand increases, domestic production should continue to grow with Red River Securities providing opportunities for consumers to become partners. With oil and natural gas products utilized by both individuals and industries, the market should expand with even a modicum of economic growth. Accredited investors at Red River Securities can choose to become managing general partners or limited partners.

The Financial Regulatory Institution, FINRA, and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission provide oversight of the firm, offering assurance to its partners of the company’s standards and ethics. In addition, the U.S. Congress established tax advantages for investing in oil and natural gas exploration and development, including recoupment of intangible drilling and development costs and an extended recovery period for tangible drilling costs.

In late 2008, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission estimated the recoverable U.S. shale gas at 742 trillion cubic feet, representing a significant share of resources with the potential to provide income well into the future. Through its strategic arrangement with Regal Energy, its risk mitigation, and due diligence, Red River Securities offers investors an opportunity to play a role in the future of U.S. energy production.

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Founded - 2009
Size - 1 - 25 Employees
Type - Public Company
Funding - Private

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