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Gallivan & Associates Student Networks>
Gallivan & Associates Student Networks - In order to more fully meet the needs of their clients and the students they serve, the company offers customization options, which include optional International Student Coverage, Study Abroad Coverage, Travel Insurance, and Graduating Student Coverage. Gallivan & Associates understands th... read more
Industries: Health, Insurance
Works diligently to help homeowners facing foreclosure.>
Works diligently to help homeowners facing foreclosure. - The Homeowner Defense Network works diligently to help homeowners facing foreclosure. Staffed by trained, experienced counselors, the company has provided assistance to hundreds of individuals to date. The team understands just how fast the foreclosure process moves once initiated by banks. They... read more
Industries: Financial Services
Successful Diamond Team Beachbody Coach>
Successful Diamond Team Beachbody Coach - My name is Tom Funk, founder of MyNoQuitters Fitness.  MyNoQuitters is a place where people can come that have lost self esteem or confidence in themselves. You will get the motivation and support you need in building your self esteem and building the confidence you once had, or seek, through ... read more
Industries: Lifestyle, Entrepreneur, Health, Weight Loss, Fitness
Established by students of the Sefer Yetzirah>
Established by students of the Sefer Yetzirah - The Unifying Meditation Institute teaches meditation as a method for finding spiritual, physical, and emotional awareness. The Institute encourages people of all backgrounds and beliefs to explore their own spiritual path and approaches all students and teaching methods with complete openness and... read more
Industries: Education and Training
Stonework in Patios, Driveways, Pathways, Pools, Stairs, and Retaining Walls>
Stonework in Patios, Driveways, Pathways, Pools, Stairs, and Retaining Walls - The company uses material supplied by the best producers of stoneware, helping to ensure its work withstands Canada’s formidable winters. In addition to the quality of the stone itself, Sure Loc Interlocking employs creative, diligent, and licensed craftsmen who view their labor as more ar... read more
Industries: Home
Historic wedding chapel on the Las Vegas Strip>
Historic wedding chapel on the Las Vegas Strip - The Little Church of the West is an historic wedding chapel on the Las Vegas Strip. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, The Little Church of the West was founded in 1942 and was originally a part of the Hotel Last Frontier complex. Situated on one acre of scenic property, this iconic read more
Industries: Lifestyle
Restoration and Reconstruction>
Restoration and Reconstruction - Since 1972, Restoration Specialists has provided the highest quality construction and renovation services for those in and around the Gainesville, Florida, area. The company works with clients who have experienced property damage in 19 counties in Florida, focusing on families and businesses wit... read more
Industries: Business
Winferno Is A Company That Makes And Sells Computer Software>
Winferno Is A Company That Makes And Sells Computer Software - Winferno Software is a Boston-based company founded in 2002 that creates software designed to clean up computers and make them safer for use. Some of the software, including the Registry Power Cleaner and SnapZip, makes computers more efficient by compressing files and optimizing processes. Oth... read more
Industries: Computers and Software
AfrikBoutik - Handcrafted African Art and Gifts>
AfrikBoutik - Handcrafted African Art and Gifts - The African continent has produced a great diversity of art from prehistoric times to the present day so be apart of the rich culture when you buy any of our African art pieces and you will experience the warmth of the African Continent. All of the items you’ll see read more
Industries: Women, Men, Online, Fashion, Specialty
Sophisticated flavor enhancement products>
Sophisticated flavor enhancement products - Ottens Flavors provides customers in the food, drink, pharmaceutical, and health and wellness sectors with sophisticated flavor enhancement products. The company has invested strongly in the research and development process to create proprietary techniques and formulations to enhance the flavor... read more
Industries: Food and Beverage
Breeding, whelping, and grooming of Newfoundland dogs>
Breeding, whelping, and grooming of Newfoundland dogs - For the past 15 years, breeder and handler Lisa Martens of Lighthouse Newfoundlands has taken pride in the breeding, whelping, and grooming of Newfoundland dogs, a breed known for its size, strength, and docile nature. The company breeds and raises its dogs on a wide spread of countryside and is eq... read more
Industries: family
The Dermot Company, Inc. provides real estate development and management services. >
The Dermot Company, Inc. provides real estate development and management services. - The Dermot Company is a fully-integrated real estate enterprise with over 15 years of experience and nearly $2 billion in assets under management and under development. As a diversified firm, we develop, invest in, and manage multi-family units in New York City and nationally, including read more
Industries: Real Estate, Business
Auto Credit - Founded in 1988 to serve first time buyers and people with credit issues, Cincinnati Auto Credit treats customers with respect and understanding while helping them secure the purchase of a vehicle. Because of its high standard of professionalism, the company grew to support customers at two loca... read more
Industries: Business, Automotive
Lawnbear >
Lawnbear - Lawnbear’s skilled technicians are experts in the special care of lawns and landscapes. For more than 25 years, the family-owned Tampa business has served customers in Florida and other southern states with custom lawn-care services, including unique fertilization programs, care for trees and ... read more
Industries: Home
An online wholesaler for catering equipment and supplies>
An online wholesaler for catering equipment and supplies - One Stop Wholesaler is an online catering equipment supplier for all your wholesale needs. We have been serving the Australian hospitality industry for 23 years and stock over 7,000 products. Based in Mildura, Victoria we recently have launched an online store that serves the whole country. We wor... read more
Industries: Restaurant and Bar, Retail, Food, Online, Restaurant
About Family Care Card Houston - A leading discount medical plan organization, Family Care, based in Houston, Texas, began saving consumers money on their health care costs in 1983. Serving over 10,000 members, the Family Care Card lowers medical expenses by negotiating discount prices with a large group of preferred providers.... read more
Industries: Medications and Drugs, Health
Tampa Law Jobs>
Tampa Law Jobs - Welcome to Tampa Law Jobs! What makes us different from the other job boards is that we cater solely to attorney and legal jobs in Tampa. We offer job seekers a comprehensive and extensive resource for finding the best possible attorney jobs in Tampa with the least amount of effort read more
Industries: Business
Washington Attorney Jobs>
Washington Attorney Jobs - Washington Attorney Jobs is an exclusive and unique job board dedicated to help job seekers find the best legal jobs in Washington. We provide our users all the tools, resources and support they need to find quality employment prospects in the area. To begin with, our job seekers have the advantage... read more
Industries: Business
Seattle Attorney Jobs>
Seattle Attorney Jobs - Seattle Attorney Jobs is a job board with a difference. We exclusively cater to the domain of legal jobs in Seattle and are proven to be the most comprehensive resource currently available to job seekers. With our advanced and powerful but easy to use search engine you will be able read more
Industries: Business
Law Firm Job>
Law Firm Job - Law Firm Job Search is one of the nation's best-known online recruiting sites offering the largest collection of legal jobs in the U.S. Be it law students, fresh graduates, paralegals, or seasoned attorneys - we work constantly to upgrade our technology and add more resources to provide you with read more
Industries: Business