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Raider Publishing International, a writer-focused publisher in New York City, offers authors access to dedicated promotional services, including radio, television, and press releases, as well as its own literary magazine and internet radio network.

Raider Publishing takes the quality of its books seriously, realizing that not even the most entertaining novel or informative work of nonfiction will sell if it does not feature the highest levels of production. In-house book designers and editors at Raider work closely with authors, taking the time necessary to come up with a finished product that meets professional quality standards and receives full client approval.

Raider Publishing places a heavy emphasis on marketing its books, and several of its packages guarantee retail shelf placement and e-book publication. The company offers retail partners a full 50-percent trade discount on its titles, far surpassing the 15-percent industry average. This gives retailers a strong incentive to offer Raider Publishing books to their customers, increasing the chances for authors to achieve high sales and market exposure. 

Encouraging nonfiction, fiction, and poetry submissions, Raider Publishing International receives works by email, accepting traditional mail and fax submissions as well. In order to be considered for publication, authors should send three full chapters of the work, accompanied by a synopsis. Most books are published within six to eight months of the contract signing date, with an expedited 90-day publishing option also available. 

Many Raider Publishing authors have achieved literary success, with 30 books considered for national and international awards in 2010 alone. Authors have notably received consideration for the Pulitzer Prize and the Dylan Thomas Prize.

With offices in London and South Africa, Raider Publishing International has assisted several authors in achieving bestseller status, undertaking major international promotional tours.

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Founded - 2008
Size - 1 - 25 Employees
Type - Public Company
Funding - Private
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