Qualtech Heating & Cooling - Qualtech Heating & Cooling handles a full range of HVAC services.

Qualtech Heating & Cooling

Qualtech Heating & Cooling is a Danville, California-based heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) company servicing the Bay Area. A family-owned business, Qualtech prides itself on strong community ties and over 18 years of quality service. The company offers clients a three-year comfort guarantee on all work completed and keeps a representative available at all times to take calls.

The services available from Qualtech Heating & Cooling include all manner of HVAC work, including typical work like repair, maintenance, and installation of air conditioners and heating units. These services can be performed for any type of building, be it a single-person residence or an office building.

The company offers free estimates, financing options, and also handles a wide variety of installation duties, including the obtaining of all relevant permits, custom installations designed to effectively support clients’ unique needs, oil-to-gas conversions, and inspections once the work is completed.

Qualtech Heating & Cooling also offers duct cleaning. Cleaning ducts reduces expenses, keeps unhealthy dust and exhaust particles out of customers’ breathing air, and can prevent vermin, such as insects and rodents, from making ducts into their homes. Qualtech cleans the entire system, including drain fans, fan and air handling unit housings, diffusers, supply registers, return air ducts, heating and cooling coils, and grilles.

They also take steps to leave each customer’s home or office space in the same condition they entered it, taking steps to protect furniture and carpets and sealing and re-insulating and access holes created during the process.

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Company Snapshot

Founded - 1993
Size - 25 - 100 Employees
Type - Public Company
Funding - Private
Ticker - N/A

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4115 Blackhawk Plaza Circle Suite 100
Danville, California 94506 US

+1 925-831-2444

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