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About PSIpress

PSIpress (Perfectly Scientific Press) is a new, wholly independent publisher. Our goal is to publish a wide range of science- and technology-oriented topics, including scientific papers, textbooks, medical and social research, and speculative fiction (see our mission statement).

Born out of an interest to provide an alternative to the usual publishing paradigm, PSIpress strives to help members of the science-minded community realize their full potential as published authors, and to help them enjoy the process.

We look forward to continuing the PSIpress success story and extending our publishing services as well as providing our books to those with a scientific interest.

PSIpress’s environmental policy (download full policy here)

The entire paper industry of the U.S., when accounting for forest carbon loss, emits nearly 10% of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. This is equivalent to the annual emissions of over 136 million cars. Endangered forests (old growth and diverse forests) are destroyed for paper extraction and replaced by single species that do not support as much biodiversity. Communities around the world are greatly impacted by foresting companies, which often cause the loss of their livelihood and force people to leave their land (data from the GPI). Additionally, paper with toxic ink is difficult to recycle.

PSIpress is proud to be committed to protecting the environment and communities around the world by choosing to print with post-consumer waste paper and nontoxic inks whenever possible, as well as by offering all our books in eBook format.

PSIpress is a member of the Green Press Initiative. For more information about how PSIpress is committed to be environmentally and socially responsible, check the news and updates in the following month.


Our Staff

Chairman and founder |   Dr. Richard Crandall

Science editor |   Eira Long |

Marketing specialist |   Nicole Theodoulou |

Marketing assistant |   Morgan Grace

Executive assistant |   Jennifer Heinsohn

Business manager |   Theresa Day

Formatting expert |   Russell Mayhew

Graphic designer |   Julia Canright

Copy editor |   Catherine Hinchliff

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Founded - 2009
Size - 1 - 25 Employees
Type - Public Company

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+1 (503) 774-4738

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