ProCare Dentistry - The International Association of Dentistry named Dr. Melanie Allen one of the Top Dentists in Boynton Beach.

ProCare Dentistry

ProCare Dentistry offers an array of dental treatments and the option for sedation dentistry. Great for clients who are undergoing a number of different procedures during their visit and those with discomfort or anxiety in the dental chair, sedation dentistry can be used to put clients at ease during any of ProCare Dentistry’s procedures.

Among the many services the office provides, ProCare Dentistry offers treatments to take care of neglected and damaged teeth. In some cases, Dr. Melanie Allen and her staff at ProCare Dentistry begin by taking X-rays of teeth, which can give them a clearer idea of each patient’s overall dental health and reveal the presence of disease. Such X-rays provide information about the entire tooth, bone structure, and gum tissue and gives clues as to what treatments are best for the individual patient.

Once Dr. Allen and her staff have diagnosed any oral health issues, they can begin to decide what treatments the patient requires. Crowns, for example, are an appropriate treatment for broken teeth, teeth that have undergone a root canal, decayed fillings, or cosmetic issues. Some ProCare Dentistry patients may need non-surgical gum treatment, a helpful procedure for patients whose gums are inflamed, swollen, and sensitive, or pulling away from teeth. The treatment is also well suited for patients with chronic bad breath and loose teeth. Early detection, treatment, and the occasional use of antibiotics like Arestin can prevent the development of serious gum disease and the need for surgery, saving patients both time and money.

Patients who wish to see a dentist but are concerned about cost can visit the ProCare Dentistry office or the company website at On the website, potential patients may learn about ProCare Dentistry’s range of financing options, including in-house, 90-day, no-credit-check payment plans where everyone is approved, and longer term, interest-free financing through CareCredit, LLC, and ChaseHealthAdvance. Clients who require more time to pay for their procedures may also sign up for low-interest financing that can be paid back over a period of 60 months.

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