Peak Life - Peak Life provides the most effective supplements available today.

Peak Life

Peak Life makes staying healthy an attainable goal for many individuals. With a line of specialized natural supplements, Peak Life caters to those who wish to remedy dietary deficiencies with healthy alternatives using only pure and sustainable sources in its product line.

Its Heart First supplement consists of fish oil molecularly derived from its most optimal sources: sardines and anchovies. Offering twice the heart benefits, Heart First incorporates beneficial amounts of Omega-3s as well as CoQ10.

Apart from optimizing cardiovascular wellness, Peak Life provides other formulations designed to boost energy, sharpen mental functioning, and encourage regular sleep patterns. One such product, Puritea, increases energy and concentration while reducing fatigue. Comprised of a proprietary blend of teas (rooibos, green, white, and oolong), Puritea delivers the maximum amount of antioxidants in every capsule.

The company also helps individuals return to regular rest with its holistic aid, Somnapure. Scientifically formulated, Somnapure combines natural ingredients such a melatonin, and L-theanine, as well as valerian extract, which has been used for centuries due to its restful properties.

Another supplement, Focus Well, stimulates brain wellness and mental clarity.

Peak Life promises 100 percent satisfaction on its entire line or it will issue a full refund. The firm also features complementary test samples of its Somnapure and Puritea products.

Headquartered in Massachusetts, Peak Life was the brainchild of two graduates of Harvard University who were dissatisfied with the quality of retail nutritional supplements and vitamins. The founders employed a team of scientists to analyze these products and improve on their formulas. As a result, the company’s health aids supply the human body with the ideal quantity of pure vitamins and minerals.

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