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Clients turning to Pathfinder Business Strategies benefit from a 90-minute tax-saving seminar, which instructs people on legal methods of saving money on their taxes. In fact, Drew Miles places such high value on saving on taxes that he is known as "The Tax Saving Attorney." 

Pathfinder Business Strategies offers several options for clients interested in gaining more control over their financial futures. These include asset protection; retirement, estate, and succession planning; and strategies to minimize taxes. The tax specialists at Pathfinder Business Strategies have a track record of helping more than 4,000 clients to reduce their tax burden to 10 percent of their annual revenue or less.

Under Drew Miles' leadership, Pathfinder Business Strategies employs a staff that includes former members of the Internal Revenue Service, the United States Department of Justice, and major financial institutions. As part of its strategic mission, Pathfinder Business Strategies emphasizes the need to create a customized tax plan for each client. In addition, financial advisers at Pathfinder Business Strategies perform regular reassessments to account for changes in the market or the tax code. Many clients enjoy extra savings by working with Pathfinder Business Strategies to ensure their portfolio remains current. 

While leading Pathfinder Business Strategies, Drew Miles maintains membership in the New York State Bar Association, the American Bar Association, and the National Society of Tax Professionals. Pathfinder Business Strategies will soon be adding its own Tax University catering to certified public accountants and tax professionals. I

n addition to running Pathfinder Business Strategies, Drew Miles lends support to New Song Mission Nicaragua. New Song Mission provides residents of that country with vocational training, health services, disaster relief, and Christian outreach education.

When not involved with Pathfinder Business Strategies or New Song Mission Nicaragua, Drew Miles enjoys mountain and road cycling. 

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