Particle Drilling Technologies (PDT) - Particle Drilling Technologies (PDT)

Particle Drilling Technologies (PDT)

Particle Drilling Technologies is a Houston-based firm currently developing an advanced drilling technology for improving the economics of drilling oil and gas wells.

The company's novel approach promises to significantly increase well drilling rates of penetration (ROP), enhancing efficiency and reducing drilling costs on a global scale. The mobile plug-and-play system offers the distinct benefit of being compatible with existing conventional drilling rigs.

Particle Drilling Technologies’ particle impact drilling system innovations are protected by several issued U.S. and foreign patents, with several other U.S. and foreign patents pending. The system utilizes already available hydraulic energy for power, with the drilling fluid entrained with round, hardened steel particles to speed the breakdown of rock formations.

Unlike traditional drilling techniques, the company’s system requires no torque or weight-on-bit, since the rock is fractured and removed by the impact of the steel particles, rather than by mechanical force, as is the case with competing technologies. The steel particles are injected into the drilling fluid downstream of the rig's mud pumps and as close to the stand-pipe as possible.

After the particles exit the bit and remove the rock, they travel back up the annulus with the fluid and cuttings, and are separated on the surface for storage and re-injection. In this way, conventional rig equipment and processes are never compromised.

Particle Drilling Technologies maintains a fundamental commitment to best practices in safety, quality products and services, well-trained employees, and the environment. In particular, the company offers all workers access to a safe and healthful workplace, taking strict preventative measures to keep operations injury and incident-free.

Its customers can rely on it to provide a quality service that saves a significant amount of money, well after well. The firm operates under the leadership of President and CEO Jim B. Terry, who has been engaged for three decades in deploying drilling performance improvements in positions such as Director of Advanced Well Construction Systems with Halliburton Company in Houston.

Full details about Particle Drilling Technologies and its proprietary excavation system can be accessed at

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Founded - 2011
Size - 25 - 100 Employees
Type - Public Company
Funding - Private
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