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Noble Capital was established in 2004 as a lender management company in conjunction with Streamline Funding, a real estate investment originator that specializes in loans ranging from $100,000 to $3 million in the central Texas area. Streamline Funding supports a wide range of real estate investors, from experienced commercial developers to individuals interested in renovating houses and selling for profit. The company has closed a number of properties, such as The Riverside Grove, San Jose Apartments, Grant Villa Apartments, Horseshoe Bay Office Building, Jackson Square Retail Development, and Purcell Point Commercial Land. Noble Capital holds candor as one of its core values, which leads the company to maintain open and honest communication with its clients.

The firm facilitates a Private Lenders Network, a group of real estate investors who benefit from Noble Capital’s connections. This group primarily funds first lien mortgage loans on investment properties. In order to ensure clients are making financially sounds decisions, Noble Capital performs pre-screening, underwriting, and due diligence on the borrowers and projects.

As the firm only originates first lien mortgages, clients always maintain a senior priority lien on each property, giving them security in their investment. Even if the property should foreclose, the investor can look to the property itself as the means to recover the investment. With a 50 to 70 percent Loan to Value ratios, Noble Capital strives to provide clients with secure transactions. Based in central Texas, Noble Capital focuses its efforts on the San Antonio and Austin area and has originated over 300 loans since 2004.

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