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The following qualifications ensure an investor obtains the optimum tax savings allowable by law: Engineering, construction, and tax expertise: Evaluate, identify and classify accurately each asset into to appropriate categories. Knowledge of changing tax laws: To ensure taxpayers optimize savings within the proper application of current laws. Knowledge of prior court cases and rulings pertaining to individual assets: To determine what is personal property. According to the IRS Chief Counsel Guidance in 1999, the IRS recognizes there is "No Bright Line Test" for identifying personal property. As rulings in various court cases have proven, different circumstances for the exact same type of asset can change how the asset depreciates for tax purposes. Therefore, a specialist needs to evaluate the construction method, use, and application of laws pertaining to each asset. Compliance with the IRS Audit Techniques Guide: To ensure an accurate study that withstands IRS scrutiny in the event of an audit. The IRS Audit Techniques Guide, issued in 2004, outlines the criteria of a quality Cost Segregation Study and provides direction to IRS field agents when reviewing a report that does not employ the methods suggested. NATIONAL ASSET PARTNERS not only meets, but also exceeds these criteria. Proactive identification of other opportunities: To recognize additional areas of tax savings. An independent third party who specializes in Cost Segregation Studies and other Real Estate Tax services can determine if an investor can benefit from other studies such as: Fixed Asset Studies, Abandonment Studies, and more. For more information please visit our website:

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Founded - 2009
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