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A subsidiary of Kudelski SA, Nagravision SA provides conditional access systems, digital rights management, and on-demand solutions to digital television providers around the world. A nonaffiliated organization, Nagravision has become the content access solution of choice for a wide range of television providers around the world. In the U.S., for example, Nagravision supports DISH Network LLC service for over 15 million customers.

In addition to providing service solutions and products available on television sets, Nagravision securely delivers service providers’ content to tablets, smartphones, mobile devices, and PCs. Among the firm’s more than 120 provider clients, Nagravision enables digital video on 144 million devices.

Nagravision features numerous local service teams around the world. They also maintain and upgrade clients’ content access solutions and deploy new features. With 12 years of operation, Nagravision offers experienced teams to assist providers in activating options ranging from simple tiered services to premium pay-TV. Nagravision supplies the resources to establish a successful, profitable pay-TV system and leverages the firm’s tools to address the challenges posed by each digital TV provider's network and customers.

Through OpenTV, Inc., a middleware developer, Nagravision offers a core operating system for set-top boxes. This software can also be installed on PCs, tablet computers, phones, and other devices to enable mobile viewing options. OpenTV’s solutions are thoroughly scalable and can serve as a foundation for a range of hardware, from simple “zapper” boxes to complex personal video recorders and gateways.

In addition to its strong foundation in the conditional access and digital TV market, Nagravision continually develops its technology to adapt to an increasingly mobile television audience. Nagravision understands the “iPhone effect,” wherein consumers expect a consistent array of high-quality content across a range of devices. As a result, the company has led the way in deploying viewing platforms across portable devices and networks. Today, Nagravision provides a next-generation experience of digital pay-TV products to consumers around the world.

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Founded - 1999
Type - Privately Held

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