Nagra - Known for state-of-the-art analog and digital recording devices


Known for state-of-the-art analog and digital recording devices for film, television, and broadcast journalism, Nagra also designs high-end audio playback products. Its front-loading precision compact disc concept player (CPC) emits sound quality equal to the original recording. Developed from aviation technology, the CPC ensures remarkable stability to provide users with an unimpeded listening experience. Confronting the challenges of audio interference, Nagra created its 44.1 kHz CPC with gold-plated encapsulation for converters and a brushed aluminum case. The backlit LCD indicator allows users to notice any issues when they occur. Additionally, Nagra has developed a precision compact disc player that includes an internal digital-to-analog converter. Nagra’s vacuum tube phono stage and bipolar phono stage combine with the organization’s pre-amplifiers to inspire greater appreciation of vinyl recordings. With gold plated internal circuits and aluminum casings, these phono stages prevent interference from outside sources and maintain the integrity of the original master. Audiophiles enjoy Nagra's high definition digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) with 192-kHz sampling frequency and 24-bit conversion rate. The PL-L and PL-P serve customers as premier vacuum tube pre-amplifiers. The manufacturers at Nagra put a great deal of attention into the creation of each device. The PL-P includes a rechargeable internal battery, the ability to accept moving coil and moving magnet cartridges, two triode sections, and stages for level input management and output level management/a record loop. Nagra’s PL-L line vacuum tube pre-amplifier offers four inputs including an XLR unbalanced as well as a remote control, a precision modulometer, and three high-grade vacuum tubes burned-in for 12 hours. Patrons seeking top quality amplifiers can find several options from Nagra. Created for use with the PL-P and PL-L, the pyramid monoblock and pyramid stereo amplifiers provide 200 watts and 100 watts respectively, along with sound purity, metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect (MOSFET) transistors, and failsafes in case of overheating. The Mythical 300B Power Amplifier from Nagra borrows a design from its past but contains the technology of today with 20 watts per channel, loudspeaker connections, and shock absorber plates.

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