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Montessori School of New York International

Maria Montessori was the founder of Montessori School of New York International. She was born in 1870. She was an Italian physician. She had spent most of her life as an observer and teacher of young children in many European and Asian countries U.K., France, Holland, Italy and India.

Montessori schools have been founded in and around New York City.  These schools have, however, catered only to the young child from 2 - 6.  The idea for Montessori in the elementary classes arose because of the great need for the continuation of this program for these young children after the age of six, thus providing an ever increasing contribution to good education,  Now the children from the 6 - 13  year range have the opportunity to benefit from this method of education.
Montessori education and traditional education is that the teacher is more a “keeper of the environment” and creates a rich, stimulating environment which allows children to make choices and self-monitor.

A typical Montessori School of New York International classroom has an open plan design which accommodates children from different age groups and has unique, stimulating work areas.  Lessons are given to small groups of children, while other children work or study independently.

The Montessori School of New York is pleased to announce its EXCELLENT SUMMER DAY CAMP PROGRAM offering a unique combination of both indoor Montessori activities and outdoor camp activities in it's own yards and in the neighboring and spacious Prospect Park, Flushing Meodows and Central Park.

Fundamental factors of Montessori school education are that it is necessary to treat children as individuals and differently than adults.  At the Montessori School of New York International, children are treated as individuals in a nurturing, creative, and fulfilling envrionment.

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