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Missouri Wind and Solar

Missouri Wind and Solar, LLC, facilitates the installation of custom-built alternative power sources. These systems can increase energy efficiency while reducing reliance on traditional non-renewable sources. With a range of products and services geared specifically toward the do-it-yourselfer, Missouri Wind and Solar offers DIY wind turbine construction kits, solar panel components, and various wire, terminal, and charge-controlling accessories.

 To assist customers with the construction and implementation of custom-built renewable energy systems, Missouri Wind and Solar provides an assortment of free technical diagrams and instructional videos. Designed for people with average technical skills and a normal assortment of tools, the resources available from Missouri Wind and Solar are intended to facilitate the installation process. Individuals interested in transitioning to a more energy-efficient and ecologically friendly lifestyle may visit MWandS.com and discover the DIY wind or solar energy system that best suits their needs.

Jeff Harmon and Molly Barke conceived Missouri Wind and Solar as a means of bringing the benefits of renewable energy to a greater number of people. Since its launch in 2007, Missouri Wind and Solar's size and reach have expanded considerably. Recognized as a leading Midwestern manufacturer of small and micro wind turbines, Missouri Wind and Solar also supplies clients in Jamaica, Vietnam, Ireland, and Australia. Today, Missouri Wind and Solar assembles, distributes, and sells its wind turbines and solar energy products from a 5,000-square-foot facility located in Seymour, Missouri. As a testament to its success, Missouri Wind and Solar recently expanded its staff and has contracts in place to double the size of the Seymour plant next year.

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Company Snapshot

Founded - 2007
Size - 1 - 25 Employees
Type - Privately Held
Funding - Private

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Missouri Wind and Solar
332 Cobblestone Drive
Seymour, MO 65746 US

+1 417-935-2260

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