Knovial - Knovial provides a complete cloud based business platform


Knovial is a revolutionary, all inclusive business automation service.

Through using the "cloud" for your business, content management, marketing, e-commerce, CRM, merchant services, webinars, Search Engine Optimization, social marketing and so much more, Knovial is the best choice for your company.

Knovial organizes, simplifies and maximizes your business. With our companyl, you can better brand your company, access your virtual back office, schedule and track your online and offline marketing, manage your sales team and client base from anywhere, anytime you want. With mobile integration, you can access your business through Knovial from your computer, mobile phone or tablet.

With the power of the “cloud” you can manage your business from any and everywhere.

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Company Snapshot

Founded - 1997
Size - 1 - 25 Employees
Type - Public Company
Funding - Private
Ticker - NONE

Contact Info

Office Location
3235 Satellite Blvd. Building 400
Duluth, GA 30096 US

+1 (866) 255-3832

email mfrancis@