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Established to provide quick, quality car washes at an affordable price, In & Out Car Wash has been serving the southwestern communities of Missouri since 2005. Offering consumers a $3 service in 3 minutes without even making them leave their cars, the company has set high standards for efficiency at both its Springfield and Joplin locations. For a premium, customers also have the option of adding clear coat protectants, Wheel Brite for tires, or RainX to their services. Every premium package comes with a spot-free rinse as well as an underbody rinse to inhibit rust. Before customers get their vehicles cleaned, they are welcome to use free vacuums for as long as they like. The vacuums are always available and offer customers a nonintrusive option that gives them total control over cleaning the interiors of their vehicles.

For those who prefer professional cleaning, In & Out Car Wash recommends its on-site Express Detail services. Its trained staff can work on any area of a vehicle to deliver a clean, lasting look, and the company never requires its customers to make an appointment. During an Express Polish, customers’ cars, trucks, or SUVs are treated to orbital polishing that removes minor blemishes and oxidation while protecting paint from future damage. At the company’s Joplin location, vehicles can also undergo interior and seat detailing packages that allow for safe cleaning of plastic, vinyl, rubber, and leather. To stay eco-friendly, the business uses minimal amounts of water and to cut down on water usage re-utilizes a lot of water that many car washes throw out.

Customers can also rest assured that they are preventing damage to the environment because of In & Out Car Wash’s wastewater policies. The company removes oil and dirt before discharging its water to a sanitary sewer system. By keeping its waste from surface water, storm drains, and the ground, the company ensures that it never reaches harbors, lakes, rivers, or oceans before being treated.

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Company Snapshot

Founded - 2005
Size - 25 - 100 Employees
Type - Privately Held
Funding - Private

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In & Out Car Wash
2233 North Glenstone
Springfield, MO 65803 US

+1 417-379-6393

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