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Greg Davis Landscaping helps customers create customized landscape designs that reflect their personal style and preferences. Working with the expert staff of Greg Davis Landscaping, customers select the optimal colors, hardscape options, and planting arrangements to fashion their perfect outdoor living spaces.

For those customers who want to highlight their homes or add security, Greg Davis Landscaping professionals have the expertise to create lighted paths and outdoor illuminations, as well as provide focal points that highlight a home’s special features.

Serving the tri-county area of Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb, Greg Davis Landscaping is a member of the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association and has been in business for 18 years.


Brick Pavers

Take a break from stark, mundane cement and pavement, and transform your cold, unexciting entranceways into pleasant sanctuaries filled with wonder and delight. Nothing creates ambiance like a softly curving driveway or gently tiered patio, built with brick or stone in warm, inviting shades and lined with vibrant, sweet smelling plants. Greg Davis Landscaping can design, construct, and maintain your ideal drive, walk, or patio space, turning humdrum into picturesque.

Greg Davis Landscaping uses the finest quality hardscape products (brick and stone) from Atlas Hardscapes to create your perfect open-aire setting.



Your yard is a blank canvas that may not add much to the look and feel of your home. The potential for creating an aesthetic masterpiece is there, awaiting only the landscaping expertise to realize it. Greg Davis Landscaping can help you create your perfect landscape environment. Whether you want to soften the harsh lines of your yard with vivid plantings in gently arcing beds, or create a garden hideaway with lighted pathways and private spaces, we can help you turn your bland and ordinary outdoor area into a soothing and delightful haven.



Taming your plain and uncooperative yard isn't nearly as difficult as you might think. Under the expertise of Greg Davis Landscaping, a mundane patch of green and brown with difficult hills and ditches soon becomes a visual delight of sculptured paths, intimate nooks, and tidy alcoves that invite exploration and excite the senses. Artfully designed wall systems, columns, and stepped terraces can turn a pesky hillside into a gently curving walkway or a tiered garden. Softly flowing water features such as a pond or fountain and irrigated flower beds create romance and elegance in a formerly austere back yard.



You spend hours a week cutting, pruning, and fussing with plants and grass that seem to grow where you don’t want them to and resist growth where you want them to thrive. Unfortunately, rather than creating pleasure and comfort, your yard has become just another chore. Greg Davis Landscaping can take the seemingly endless responsibility of lawn maintenance off your hands and nurture your home’s most important exterior asset into vibrant health and sculpted elegance. We offer mowing, hydro seeding, fertilization, and irrigation services to lighten your load and help you enjoy your outdoor paradise again.


Winter Maintenance

Let us relieve the burden of snowplowing and de-icing your drive and walkways so you don't have to invest in a snowblower or even worry about it.

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