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The South Florida drug and alcohol treatment center, G & G Holistic, prides itself on its ability to help recovering addicts reintegrate into their former lives once their stay at the facility ends. This process is achieved by building a number of healthy habits and coping mechanisms that clients can use on their return to their daily lives.

Unlike many rehabilitation facilities, G & G Holistic doesn’t ban its clients from using devices like cell phones, laptops, and iPods in recognition of the fact that these items will remain part of the client’s life when their stay at the center is over. The G & G Holistic staff also works to build healthy habits with a regular schedule: three meals of healthy, fresh food at set hours each day, daily attendance at Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous meetings, and a trip to a local spa every Saturday. This process helps clients get into a routine of feeding themselves regularly and attending meetings for support, a process that G & G Holistic hopes will follow them into their post-rehab lives.

Aftercare is a critical component of G & G Holistic’s program, as many addicts who undergo treatment can relapse and begin abusing substances after leaving the protection of a facility. For clients who live in or choose to remain in the Miami Beach area, G & G Holistic holds a weekly aftercare therapy group session that allows clients to discuss the recovery process.

If a client returns to his or her hometown, G & G Holistic arranges for regular meetings with a relapse prevention therapist in the area. Clients are also connected with the 12-step organization Bridging the Gap, which can link them with local AA or NA meetings and other support groups. For extra support, clients are encouraged to call G & G Holistic’s aftercare clinical staff once a week, free of charge.

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