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Under the solemn direction of Pastor Brothers, Freedom Village USA has emerged to offer a wide array of rehabilitation services and counseling through the worship of Jesus Christ.
In its primary mission to guide troubled teens to a path of salvation, the organization has expanded into international outreach programs designed to provide spiritual healing to the youth of the world. A multinational hotline, 1-800-VICTORY (1-800-842-8679), created by Freedom Village USA has been established to deliver advice and comfort to young individuals in need. Additional international programs include Freedom Village Ukraine — a housing division similar to Freedom Village USA, only to help the children of Ukraine — and Operation Mercy, which is a purpose-driven organization that reaches out to orphans in Ukraine.

Freedom Village USA and its subdivisions are granted financial assistance only through the donations of small businesses, private citizens, churches, and corporate contributions; federal and state funding is not received on any level. Furthermore, the organization adheres to strict guidelines for the allocation and spending of funds. The first principle states that all grants received, no matter the amount, are to be viewed as holy to the ministry. Next, Freedom Village USA will produce a tax receipt for all donors in abidance with the law of the IRS and ensure anonymity to every contributor. If appropriated funds exceed the required amount for a particular project, the remaining money will be transferred to a charitable cause of equal importance. Finally, Freedom Village USA follows traditional rules of accounting. Visit to learn more about how to make a tax-free contribution.

Pastor Brothers is revered as chief cognoscente in handling teenage issues and the afflictions bestowed upon their families and he has published several books on the subject in addition to making appearances on radio and television programs. To learn more about Pastor Brothers and Freedom Village USA, visit

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