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EZ Analytics for Inventory was developed by Alterity, Inc. to provide businesses using QuickBooks® with the tools to determine the optimum inventory investment required to maximize profits and customer satisfaction.

EZ Analytics for Inventory is an Intuit Workplace App that works with your existing QuickBooks using a web-based application referred to as cloud computing, with no additional software or hardware to install.

Is your business overstocked or understocked? Do your needs change depending on the time of year? Quickly and easily discover ways to improve your inventory and purchasing with easy to use interactive, web-based tools using “what if” scenarios.

Keep up with fluctuating sales with the EZ Analytics for Inventory Monthly Sales Analysis tools ensuring customers are satisfied with what they want, when they want it and, in the process, maximize profits year round.

The EZ Analytics for Inventory Overstock Analysis tools help identify obsolete, slow moving and stale products that can be converted to higher performing inventory, redirected to other business needs, or converted to cash.

With the EZ Analytics for Inventory Understock Analysis tools, maximize sales opportunities and minimize sales lost to competitors due to out of stocks, by ensuring that items are available when customers want to buy. 

Reordering is simplified with the EZ Analytics for Inventory Reorder tool which quickly creates a list of recommended products to be re-ordered based on recent demand.

EZ Analytics for Inventory is a great tool for QuickBooks users trying to improve inventory forecasting and finding the right balance between customer service and product investment.

Find ways to reduce your inventory investment and identify hidden sales opportunities in just a few minutes at

Discover how easy inventory analysis can be… the EZ Analytics way.

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Founded - 1985
Size - 1 - 25 Employees
Type - Public Company
Funding - Private

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Alterity, Inc.

Arlington, Texas 76011 United States

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