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Reclaiming oily water and used petroleum products like motor oil in its refinery and oil treatment plant, Everclear ensures that untreated waste does not reach waterways while providing its customers with cost-effective alternatives to virgin oils.

With a service area that extends more than a 500-mile radius from its headquarters and treatment facilities in Youngstown, Ohio, Everclear caters to customers as far east as New York City and as far west as St. Louis, Missouri.

Everclear collects a wide variety of waste liquids, including used motor, hydraulic, and gear oil; diesel fuel; water-soluble oils; coolants; and water that has been contaminated with petroleum products. Using its fleet of modern tankers capable of hauling up to 7,000 gallons apiece, Everclear picks waste up directly from its clients.

In most cases, contaminated water can be treated and purified, while waste oil can be processed and re-refined into fuel or lubricants. Everclear maintains its own refining facility and sells recycled oils and fuels under its own brand name, including the Everclear line of motor oil.

Everclear builds and maintains its client base through competitive rates and excellent customer service, taking whatever steps are necessary to accommodate its customers’ needs. For instance, Everclear can schedule emergency pickups within 24 hours. The company serves clients of many sizes, picking up loads of as little as 50 gallons for its smaller customers while allowing those with consistently larger loads to arrange for other transportation methods. Railcars, each capable of handling up to 25,000 gallons, are popular with some larger clients. Other clients utilize barge transportation, docking at Everclear’s facilities on the Ohio River at mile marker 47.

To learn more about Everclear’s transportation options, visit it online at www.everclearoil.com.

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Founded - 2000
Size - 1 - 25 Employees
Type - Public Company
Funding - Private
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