Direct Response TV - Companies looking to find value in the television advertising market turn to George Streapy

Direct Response TV

Companies looking to find value in the television advertising market frequently turn to George Streapy of Crystal Clear Concepts, a Florida-based agency that specializes in Direct Response TV.

Direct Response advertising provides a way to manage the expansion in television and cable stations and the emergence of new broadcasting platforms such as high-definition and satellite TV. George Streapy utilizes his more than 20 years of experience in the television and advertising field to efficiently place infomercials based on target audience. He is able to gain additional insight through ongoing tracking and research.

National and local packages are available on popular outlets such as ABC, NBC, CNN, and Fox News Channel. Mr. Streapy welcomes budgets starting at $25,000 and is open to last-minute media buys.

A communications student while at Palm Beach College, Streapy went on to serve as a programmer for radio stations in Miami and West Palm Beach. After seven years in the on-air industry, he realized the potential opportunities in media buying, and he began to apply his skills and insight in that direction. He founded Crystal Clear Concepts in 1988, and he continues to serve as President for the innovative Orlando, Florida, firm.

Recognized as a seasoned expert in the field, George Streapy published his article “DRTV: Orchestrating the Deal” in the industry magazine Target Marketing. In the article, Streapy explains that being flexible can help companies get the best Direct Response TV outcome at the lowest rate, and he highlights the benefits of advertising with local stations rather than placing all the advertising dollars with national cable outlets.

To share his success with the greater community, Mr. Streapy donates to charitable organizations such as Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

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