Company Profiles Published in December of 2011

Orca Inspection>
Orca Inspection -   Located on Bainbridge Island outside Seattle, Washington, Orca Inspection Services, LLC offers home inspection services to surrounding communities. A company that began as a construction and remodeling business more than 12 years ago, Orca Inspection Services transitioned to focus on home in... read more
Industries: Construction
ESR Stat Plus>
ESR Stat Plus - A superior erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) testing instrument, the ESR Stat Plus was designed by HemaTechnologies to maximize testing efficiency. A key advantage of the ESR Stat Plus is that the device offers three test results in only five minutes. Comparatively, the standard Westergren me... read more
Industries: Pharmaceuticals
Potomac Swim School>
Potomac Swim School - Potomac Swim School, located in the metro area of Washington, DC, was created to teach children how to swim in a safe and positive environment. Since September, 2001, when Founder and CEO Donna Boone started the program at a local health club, Potomac Swim School has expanded, and now provides read more
Industries: Sports
Manz Web Designs - We make your web come to life!>
Manz Web Designs - We make your web come to life! - Manz Web Designs, LLC was started in April, 2009 by Bud Manz after he decided to supplement his income by offering website design services to others.  This was inspired by his success in creating and maintaining his personal website, eHymns. Little did he know that this would grow to be his read more
Industries: B2B, Computer:Software, Consulting, Design, Information Services, Telecommunication
Trackers Northwest>
Trackers Northwest - Trackers Northwest aspires to give the children and adults who participate in its outdoor education programs the feeling of a connection to both the land and the community at large. In today’s fast-paced, technologically-driven society, Trackers Northwest leaders believe that taking the time t... read more
Industries: Education
Leading the way in aftermarket automotive performance chip sales and information.>
Leading the way in aftermarket automotive performance chip sales and information. - The explosion in popularity of aftermarket automotive installations coincides with the rise in pop culture awareness of the vehicular upgrades.  Many popular cable television shows, as well as blockbuster films such as those in 'The Fast and the Furious' franchise, have made aftermarket modific... read more
Industries: Engineering, Transportation and Logistics, Manufacturing, Leisure, Automotive
Evosport - Founded in 1999, evosport is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high performance parts and accessories Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Ferrari, and BMW. In addition, evosport maintains a qualified team of automobile professionals at its facility in Huntington Beach, California to perform maintenance, in... read more
Industries: Automobile
DUI Lawyer>
DUI Lawyer - Find an aggressive Birmingham DUI lawyer who can guide you through the Alabama criminal justice system. Our Alabama DUI attorneys have the skills to protect your rights. read more
Industries: Legal
CBG Financial Group>
CBG Financial Group - CBG Financial Group serves clients with a wide range of financial and investment needs. The company manages a variety of accounts ranging from institutional, individual, corporate, joint, and partnership types of accounts to 401(k), Keogh plans, transfer on death, and IRAs/Roth IRA’s. Devoted ... read more
Industries: Financial Services
The first name in efficient home heating systems for more than three decades>
The first name in efficient home heating systems for more than three decades - Since 1978, heating and cooling system manufacturer Hydro-Sil has delivered millions of units to satisfied homeowners in the United States and beyond, building an impeccable reputation for quality and long-term value. Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and offering a lifetime replacement p... read more
Industries: Green, Home, Household Goods
Wild Animal Control>
Wild Animal Control - We are the leading manufacturer of caring control products for pets and wildlife. By offering animal repellents and live animal traps, Havahart® covers a wide spectrum that truly is caring control for pets and wildlife.  We carry products such as the Feral Cat Traps, Catching, transporting ... read more
Industries: Consumer Goods
ABC Financial Services, Inc. >
ABC Financial Services, Inc. - Since 1981, ABC Financial Services, Inc., has built a proven reputation as the leading provider of health club software. ABC works with clients around the world to provide the industry’s premier heath club management software. ABC is the industry leader in deploying significant resources that ... read more
Industries: Computer:Software
Harshaw Research>
Harshaw Research - What makes Harshaw Research different?   Harshaw Research, Inc. is a diversified New Product Development Firm with a primary business model focused on “Investing in Innovation.”  Harshaw Research has the desire to form a strategic business alliance with each inventor client i... read more
Industries: Investment
Woody Anderson Ford>
Woody Anderson Ford - Located in the towns of Huntsville and Madison in northern Alabama, Woody Anderson Ford provides its customers with an extensive selection of quality new and pre-owned vehicles. As a Blue Oval Certified dealer, Woody Anderson Ford meets the rigorous standards of Ford Motor Company’s comprehens... read more
Industries: Automobile
Edwin Lichtig Pension Income >
Edwin Lichtig Pension Income - Edwin Lichtig Pension Income provides options for individuals looking to receive reliable monthly payments, usually over an eight-year period. The company connects people who want to sell their pensions for a lump sum with those looking for an attractive rate of return on their money.   The t... read more
Industries: Financial Services
EZ Docs Solutions>
EZ Docs Solutions - EZ Docs Solutions, located at 1430 Broadway, Suite 1513, in New York City, provides office imaging products and services to businesses of all sizes. EZ Docs products include copiers, scanners, multifunction devices, digital presses, facsimile machines, and micrographics processors. EZ Docs represent... read more
Industries: Other
Cherrydale Health & Rehabilitation >
Cherrydale Health & Rehabilitation -   Cherrydale Health and Rehabilitation Center of Arlington, Virginia provides 240 beds for long-term nursing care and short-term recovery from surgery or illness. Part of the Lifeworks Rehab Medical Facilities of America and a member of the Virginia Health Care Association, Cherrydale Health a... read more
Industries: Health Care
IIF Data Solutions, Inc., offers a wide range of capabilities in the area of domestic national defense.>
IIF Data Solutions, Inc., offers a wide range of capabilities in the area of domestic national defense. - In 1998, Charles Patten established IIF Data Solutions, Inc., in order to support the National Guard Bureau with its database management and force management integration. Since then, IIF Data Solutions, Inc., has expanded and now provides the military, private, and public sectors with exception... read more
Industries: Government
Saaf Slate produces organic cotton T-shirts that are eco-friendly and have a low carbon footprint. - : Founded in 2011, Saaf Slate is an independent clothing line based in Canada. Creating original graphic designs based on Hindi and Punjabi culture, founder Gurbhej Dhillon has had a passion for art since he was a child. Saaf Slate, meaning a clean slate, or a fresh start, represents Mr. read more
Industries: Retail
HRCrossing – HRCrossing Consistently Increases The Number Of Jobs Even In Down Economies>
HRCrossing – HRCrossing Consistently Increases The Number Of Jobs Even In Down Economies - We are not just a job portal but a job research firm. We provide you with job reporting services as well as authentic and recent job openings available in your city and in your locality.  We are by and large a leading "pure" job reporting and research service. We feel proud read more
Industries: Employment