Company Profiles Published in October of 2011

Portland Family Lawyer>
Portland Family Lawyer - Portland divorce attorney representing husbands and fathers in divorce and child custody cases. Call 1-866-291-8758 for a free consultation. read more
Industries: Legal
Enhansulin - As a dietary supplement, Enhansulin can help promote healthy and balanced blood sugar levels. When blood sugars are out of sync with normal biological parameters, people may experience a variety of symptoms, including dizziness, lack of energy, lightheadedness, mood swings, and a lack of concentrati... read more
Industries: Health Care
Hack's Point Marina>
Hack's Point Marina - For boaters seeking to explore the treasures of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Hack’s Point Marina is an essential source for services, supplies, and local knowledge. Located in Earleville, Maryland, Hack’s Point Marina offers products and docking space to assist Chesapeake Bay mariners... read more
Industries: Other
Comprehensive Website Development Service>
Comprehensive Website Development Service - Flatorb Xinixz provide economical and reliable solutions for your web design and development needs. We have office locations in most major cities in United States to allow our clients to meet us in person. In addition, we have a state of the art virtual enviorenment that allows to handle any read more
Industries: B2B, Computer:Software
Defend My Name Online Reputation Management>
Defend My Name Online Reputation Management - Defend My Name is an interactive agency specializing in online marketing and consulting. Defend My Name was founded with a goal of creating memorable, impacting marketing media that will replace negative information on the Internet. Defend My Name merges the cutting edges of creativity and technolo... read more
Industries: Advertising, Interactive Services, Internet Service Provider, Marketing, Media, News, Technology
Bold Optometry - Our contact lens inventory and selection at Bold Optometry include all contact lenses available on the market. We offer custom bifocal contacts and custom toric fits including monovision fits to all patients that don't fit the standard "over the counter" orders. With almost two decades of read more
Industries: Health Care, Healthcare Provider
Wholesale Supplies Plus - Soap and Candle Making Materials>
Wholesale Supplies Plus - Soap and Candle Making Materials - For more than 10 years, Ohio entrepreneur and business owner Debbie May has offered families across the country the opportunity to possess their own home businesses. Through Wholesale Supplies Plus, Inc., which she founded in 1998, Debbie May supplies ingredients for the production of candles, soap,... read more
Industries: Arts
Family Accommodation Melbourne>
Family Accommodation Melbourne -   Punthill Apartment Hotel Group has grown to become one of the largest serviced apartment operators in Australia with 12 properties in Melbourne and 1 property on the North Shore of Sydney. Punthill Apartment Hotels are located and designed specifically with the corporate traveller in mind. T... read more
Industries: Hotel and Lodging, Travel
Hope Island Resort>
Hope Island Resort - Established in 1989 as Azzura Constructions, this family-owned company commenced operations building luxury homes in Sanctuary Cove Resort and Surfers Waters.    In 2009 Azzura celebrates two decades of success for residential and commercial developments - from townhouse to penthouse - t... read more
Industries: Hotel and Lodging, Travel
Aquamarina Hi-Lift>
Aquamarina Hi-Lift - Aquamarina Hi-Lift, part of Aqua Marine Partners LLC, has recently completed upgrades and improvements that have given it a whole new look. This full-service dry storage marina, located in Aventura, Florida, sits just off the Intracoastal Waterway between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Situated in close... read more
Industries: Transportation Online Reputation Management> Online Reputation Management - is an interactive agency specializing in online marketing and consulting. was founded with a goal of creating memorable, impacting marketing media that will replace negative information on the Internet. merges the cutting edges of creativity and te... read more
Industries: Advertising, Consulting, Internet Service Provider, Marketing, Media
Verified Credible Testimonial Verification Service>
Verified Credible Testimonial Verification Service - Verified Credible is a third party testimonial verification service. Verified Credible independently verifies testimonials for corporations, products and services. Verifed Credible can help you imrpove your reviews ratings online. Verified Credible has created a stream lined process that allows us ... read more
Industries: Advertising, Information Services, Internet Service Provider, Marketing, Public Relations, Social Network
Madison Who's Who l Business 2 Business Directory>
Madison Who's Who l Business 2 Business Directory - Founded in 2004, Madison Who’s Who serves professionals with a wide range of services, including access to a cross-industry registry of notable entrepreneurs, executives, and other businesspeople worth knowing. Madison Who’s Who continues to scout individuals deserving of recognition and... read more
Industries: Marketing
Feder's Subaru>
Feder's Subaru - It's Always better at Feder's - Welcome to Feder's Subaru! Find us on twitter @federssubaru Web: Feder's Subaru, located at Route 17M - 243 Dolson Ave in Middletown, NY, is your premier retailer of new and used Subaru vehicles. Our dedicated sales staff... read more
Industries: Automobile
TradersCity - TradersCity is a free import export trade leads and services marketplace for all companies in the B2B sector.    TradersCity provides importers, international trade and exporters free membership with online chat, import export alerts,  unlimited number of trade lead submissions and... read more
Industries: B2B
Pelican Water Softener>
Pelican Water Softener - Pelican Water Systems of Deland, Florida, is a factory-direct retailer of water purification supplies including water softeners. The company has offered water filtration services since 1972. Other products offered include well water and iron removal systems and whole house water filters. Leading in ... read more
Industries: Environmental
Aventura Technologies, Inc.>
Aventura Technologies, Inc. - Aventura Technologies Inc. designs, develops, and manufactures cutting-edge products for civilian and government agencies. Based in New York, Aventura Technologies brings experienced hardware and software engineers together with security professionals. The diversely experienced team collaborates to ... read more
Industries: Technology
ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd.>
ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. - ESDS started operations in the year 2005, and has since then made rapid strides as an established group of web hosting companies. We started off with a handful of customers. Today, seven years down-the-line, we have more than 33,000 customers worldwide, a significant amount of them being corporate e... read more
Industries: Internet Service Provider
Missouri Wind and Solar>
Missouri Wind and Solar - Missouri Wind and Solar, LLC, facilitates the installation of custom-built alternative power sources. These systems can increase energy efficiency while reducing reliance on traditional non-renewable sources. With a range of products and services geared specifically toward the do-it-yourselfer, Miss... read more
Industries: Energy
Sale of the Sentury organizes and co-sponsors multi-seller liquidation events all over the United States each year. >
Sale of the Sentury organizes and co-sponsors multi-seller liquidation events all over the United States each year. - When Sale of the Sentury organizes a liquidation sales event, eager consumers find deals they never could have imagined. Sale of the Sentury draws vendors and shoppers to long-running storefront sales that can operate up to 60 or 90 days, as well as the more traditional read more
Industries: Consumer Goods