Company Profiles Published in August of 2011

Immigration Lawyers>
Immigration Lawyers - 963 East Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 719-434-5660   Joseph Law Firm, P.C. – Setting the standards in immigration law and customer service for over 10 years   Practice Areas: Family Immigratio... read more
Industries: Legal
Gold Traders>
Gold Traders - MyGold is an independent dealer of precious metals for the New Zealand market. MyGold sources only the highest quality gold and silver bullion products for investors and the public. We supply physical gold and silver and because we are independent we can match the best products for your budget. Go... read more
Industries: Investment, Shopping
Collgen2 Ionic Colloidal Silver Generator >
Collgen2 Ionic Colloidal Silver Generator - The CollGen2® ionic colloidal silver generator is a revolutionary piece of equipment that produces a liquid suspension of silver particles that can be used for myriad purposes.   While there are similar types of colloidal silver generators, none compare to the CollGen2®. What differen... read more
Industries: Health Care
A Full Service Construction and Insurance Restoration Company>
A Full Service Construction and Insurance Restoration Company - In the past, traveling contractors have performed less than desirable work or, in some cases, no work at all after accepting down payments from homeowners. United Contracting Solutions was launched to be the best and most reliable contractor by doing business the right way with the right products. ... read more
Industries: Construction, Home Building
Ballet, tap, jazz, streetdance, hip-hop, video jazz, vocal groups, musical theatre, dance teams children ages 2-18>
Ballet, tap, jazz, streetdance, hip-hop, video jazz, vocal groups, musical theatre, dance teams children ages 2-18 - At Lisa's Dance Studio in Quincy, Massachusetts, children from age 2 to 18 learn how to dance in a wide variety of styles including ballet, tap, jazz, and hip-hop. Lisa V. Jones, the owner, also offers vocal group, world beat, and video jazz classes. The teachers at Lisa’s Dance Studio read more
Industries: Arts
Atlantis Business Consulting >
Atlantis Business Consulting - A socially conscious company, Atlantis Business Consulting supports a variety of charitable organizations. Atlantis Business Consulting contributes to Grassroot Soccer Inc. Created with funding from co-founder Ethan Zohn, who played professional soccer in Zimbabwe and won Survivor in 2002, the organ... read more
Industries: Consulting
Cheap cell phones, bluetooth headset>
Cheap cell phones, bluetooth headset - I work for Cell Phone Shop, where we carry a wide range of accessories. We specialize in items that enhance your cell phone such as a bluetooth headset, which is not just convenient but a safety necessity when driving. read more
Industries: Telecommunication
High Line Pawn Brokerage offering cash loans on any acceptable collateral.>
High Line Pawn Brokerage offering cash loans on any acceptable collateral. -   CASH BUCKET PAWN Cash Bucket Pawn has established itself as Scottsdale Arizona's premier highline pawn brokerage. Cash Bucket Pawn specializes in highline cash loans from $20 - $20,000 or more on any acceptable collateral.   We Loan CashCash Bucket Pawn loans money from $20 - $20,000... read more
Industries: Financial Services, Retail
Stonybrook Water Company LLC >
Stonybrook Water Company LLC - Massachusetts-based Stonybrook Water Company LLC provides, installs, and services the latest generation of drinking water appliances for businesses and homes. Unlike bottled water services, Stonybrook offers a unique water filtration and delivery system with no reservoir, providing a distinct &ldquo... read more
Industries: Other
Mobile Media City>
Mobile Media City -   I am a Support manager at Mobile Media City. Mobile Media city deals in iPhone/iPad applications. We offer all types of Educations apps, Accessories apps and Health apps which really helps you  in the daily routine of life.   I am a Support manager at Mobile Media City, Mobile ... read more
Industries: Health Care, Technology
Ford of Kirkland>
Ford of Kirkland - Ford of Kirkland is a locally owned and community anchored dealership. Since opening February of 2005, we've won Ford's highly coveted President's Award five times and we are the largest volume Ford dealer in Washington. read more
Industries: Automobile
Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyers & Attorneys >
Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyers & Attorneys - Sudeep Bose, a prominent Virginia criminal lawyer, founded Bose Law Firm, PLLC, in 1998 after working as a police officer in Maryland. Throughout his career, Bose has served as a medic, private investigator, and businessman, giving him unique insight into the requirements of a cogent criminal defens... read more
Industries: Legal
Work Save Retire, Chanhassen MN>
Work Save Retire, Chanhassen MN -   Work Save Retire gives job seekers the tools they need to navigate the job market and land the position of their dreams. Based in Chanhassen, Minnesota, Work Save Retire extends its services to clients across the country, utilizing state-of-the-art online tools and a powerful network of recr... read more
Industries: Information Services
New Generation Market Intelligence>
New Generation Market Intelligence - Amplified Analytics is the best place to find what customers think about products they purchased, what they value about their experience and how these products or services have met their expectations.   Amplified Analytics helps marketers, product planners and category managers develop... read more
Industries: Computer:Software, Interactive Services, Marketing
Peck Bloom, LLC, a boutique law firm in Chicago, Illinois>
Peck Bloom, LLC, a boutique law firm in Chicago, Illinois - With over 90 years of combined experience in elder law, the skilled attorneys at Peck Bloom, LLC specialize in handling estate arrangements and proceedings, will and trust disputes, contested guardianships, and asset recoveries. Founded in 1998 with the merger of two renowned litigation establishmen... read more
Industries: Legal
MasterShield - With so many gutter guards offering the most amazing promises, how can homeowners cut through the rhetoric to discover which systems work? The key issue is to start with your expectations.  Should a gutter guard be designed to keep out some debris or all debris?  Most read more
Industries: Retail
Maloney Real Estate in Chicago, Illinois>
Maloney Real Estate in Chicago, Illinois - Maloney Real Estate, Inc., has operated as a family business for 50 years. Founded in the 1960s by James Maloney, Sr., the firm features a team who manages residential and commercial properties, in addition to conducting light development throughout the Chicago area. Maloney Real Estate incorporated... read more
Industries: Real Estate
BBM Construction Corp.>
BBM Construction Corp. - Home Addition, Extension, Remodeling, Commercial and Residential construction, interior and exterior remodeling, Professional Painting Plastering Sheetrock Taping Custom Framing Kitchen Remodeling Electrical Plumbing Roofing New Additions Custom Homes Single-family housing construction in Brooklyn,... read more
Industries: Construction