Company Profiles Published in July of 2011

Caseys Cupcakes creates designer cupcakes using the freshest ingredients, and has locations in Riverside and Laguna Beach, CA.>
Caseys Cupcakes creates designer cupcakes using the freshest ingredients, and has locations in Riverside and Laguna Beach, CA. - Casey Reinhardt, owner and founder of Casey’s Cupcakes, is also recognized for her successful television career as one of the stars of the second season of the popular reality show Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. A recent winner of the Food Network's Cupcake Wars, Reinhardt now divides t... read more
Industries: Food Industry
Best Indian restaurant in Parsippany, NJ>
Best Indian restaurant in Parsippany, NJ - Welcome to SpiceGrill.  Spice Grill located in the popular city of Parsippany in New Jersey, U.S.A. SpiceGrill offers romantically fine and comfortable dining in our elegant dining room and a banquet hall for larger gathering. SpiceGrill is one of the best Indian restaurant in Parsippany, NJ. T... read more
Industries: Hotel and Lodging offers a wide variety of modern and durable steam cleaning machines.> offers a wide variety of modern and durable steam cleaning machines. - Based in Petersburg, Virginia, offers a wide variety of durable steam cleaners. Featured on NBC's Today and founded in 1998, is the largest U.S. importer of Italian steam cleaners, which have a long-term stronghold in the industry for commercial and residential prod... read more
Industries: Other
R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates Inc.>
R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates Inc. - R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, Inc., is widely recognized as one of the leading cultural resource consultancy firms in the United States, and its contributions to historic preservation have helped identify and preserve many important sites over the last 30 years. Having worked for civ... read more
Industries: Professional Services
iScope Digital>
iScope Digital - With offices in Deerfield Beach, Florida, IScope Digital Inc. provides a full slate of marketing services for companies concerned about their return on investment and marketing dollars. IScope Digital has a seasoned staff of marketing professionals who are ready to address concerns such as full... read more
Industries: Marketing
A Plus Animal Hospital - Experienced veterinarian Dr. Brad Lingenfelter recently expanded his facility, A Plus Animal Hospital, located in Reno, Nevada. Dr. Lingenfelter has an accomplished history in the field of veterinary medicine. Educated at the University of Nevada, Reno, and The Ohio State University College of Vete... read more
Industries: Medical, Other
Zip Line Colorado Adventures>
Zip Line Colorado Adventures - For the very best Zip Line Colorado Adventures and tours be sure to visit our company online to see one of the many Zip Line Colorado options we have available including six exclusive Colorado mountain ziplining tours operating above high canyons for extreme adventure and fun. read more
Industries: Entertainment, Sports, Travel
AJC Sports Shop, Clute TX>
AJC Sports Shop, Clute TX - Family-owned, federally licensed firearms dealer AJC Sports Shop Inc., located in Clute, Texas, operates a brick and mortar store, as well as a mail-order service, and attends numerous gun shows. With 17 years in business, AJC Sports Shop of Clute, Texas, is a nationally recognized leader in the sal... read more
Industries: Retail
Dr. Balwant Singh's Hospital >
Dr. Balwant Singh's Hospital - Located in Georgetown, Guyana, Dr. Balwant Singh's Hospital Inc. offers up-to-date medical and technological services. The hospital consistently updates and improves its policy and health care standards due in part to Dr. Singh’s progressive thinking and effective engagement in management stan... read more
Industries: Medical
Yellowstone Partners>
Yellowstone Partners - Though it operates out of Idaho, Utah, New York, Washington, and Wyoming, Yellowstone Partners provides wealth management services to residents in nearly all 50 states. The firm’s wealth management approach is founded on the beliefs that hard work should be rewarded and a clear mind makes read more
Industries: Financial Services
SSL Certificate Renewal>
SSL Certificate Renewal - SSL Renewal is one of the largest SSL certificates providers globally and Platinum partner for VeriSign, GeoTrust, Thawte and RapidSSL. Buy/Renew SSL certificates from here to secure your fully qualified domain name. Our business is focused specifically on Renew SSL and related security products. read more
Industries: Internet Service Provider
Astonish Results is a full service sales and marketing solution for independent insurance agencies. >
Astonish Results is a full service sales and marketing solution for independent insurance agencies. - The Rhode Island-based company Astonish Results provides sales and marketing help for independent insurance companies through the use of SEO writing, sales training, link building, social media, blogging, and the building of websites. Astonish Results offers customers the Astonish Digital Marketing ... read more
Industries: Insurance, Marketing
MyMoneyMonitor - MyMoneyMonitor tracks down “lost money” owed to U.S. residents and seeks to return the funds to the rightful owners. Companies or other entities may owe a person money but cannot locate him or her. As a result, various sources end up holding billions of dollars, sometimes for years on en... read more
Industries: Other
Mechanical Contractor >
Mechanical Contractor - P.J. Mechanical Corp. is a top-notch New York City-based mechanical contractor. The firm focuses on providing air conditioning and heating systems for new construction and overseeing the renovation and modification of existing systems. Since its founding in 1971, P.J. Mechanical Corp. has worked on ... read more
Industries: Other
Aspen Contracting specializes in replacing roofs, gutters and siding, and also specializes in storm damage repairs.>
Aspen Contracting specializes in replacing roofs, gutters and siding, and also specializes in storm damage repairs. - The largest residential roofing contractor specializing in storm damage repairs in the United States, Aspen Contracting Inc. specializes in replacing roofs, gutters, and siding. Since its inception, the company has replaced more than 30,000 roofs nationwide. Licensed and bonded, Aspen Contracting pr... read more
Industries: Construction
FieldOne Systems>
FieldOne Systems - FieldOne: The affordable and efficient solution for handling employee scheduling, dispatching, job management, and reporting with one software program. This innovative program developed by FieldOne Systems serves businesses as a reliable tool for dealing with business data. Offering service manageme... read more
Industries: Computer:Software
 Dental Associates of Kensington>
Dental Associates of Kensington - Dental Associates of Kensington, LLC, an oral health practice located in Kensington, Connecticut, strives to accommodate its patients with flexible hours, quality care, and dental expertise. Treating patients of any age, from children to seniors, Dental Associates of Kensington provides the latest i... read more
Industries: Healthcare Provider
Front Range Legal Process Servers>
Front Range Legal Process Servers - Front Range Legal Process Service has process servers in the Denver Metro area & throughout the state of Colorado. Whether you are a law firm with high volume or a private party with a small claims case, we will get your papers served on time. read more
Industries: Legal
Stephen Pierce International>
Stephen Pierce International - As the head of Stephen Pierce International, Inc., Stephen Pierce continues to expand the company’s reach through programs and workshops that help people to lead the lives they desire. A multifaceted enterprise, Stephen Pierce International capitalizes on Pierce’s talents for commun... read more
Industries: Consulting
Industrial Steel Construction>
Industrial Steel Construction - Throughout its 43 years in business, Industrial Steel Construction, Inc., has developed an impressive project portfolio and has cultivated a loyal customer base. From ship builders to major equipment manufacturers, Industrial Steel Construction has fabricated steel components for a variety of p... read more
Industries: Construction