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Clean Name Blueprint is the revolutionary way to improve your online reputation using your time instead of hard earned money. Why pay thousands of dollars to search engine professionals if you can cheaply and dramatically clean search results by yourself? We show you exactly how to go about doing this, even if you only have a very basic knowledge of internet resources. If you know how to set up a Facebook profile that is all you need.

We developed Clean Name Blueprint for the majority of people who are not able to pay big bucks for someone else to improve their search results. The power of social media is growing every day, and it is also becoming more user friendly. Noticing this trend, we developed a method that capitalizes on how simple it is for an end user to develop their own powerful web presence. Online reputation management lends extremely well to the 80/20 principle meaning that 80% of the results are derived from 20% of the input. Knowing some coding might make it easier to optimize your web pages, but it is not mandatory to be successful. In fact, when we all started doing SEO a few years ago none of us knew how to code in any web language!

We have tons of awesome features and tips coming up in the next months, from privacy tips to specific linking strategies that work for us, along with lists of the best web2.0 and blogging sites we've found over the years. You can also follow us on Twitter. Download a free chapter of our upcoming ebook, the Clean Name Blueprint, by signing up for our email list on the main blog!

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