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Christina Cosmetics offers customers natural mineral makeup at reasonable prices. As the owner and President of, Christina Sullivan understands that proper skin care does not have to mean using lots of expensive products. Rather, Sullivan and operate on the belief that natural skin care results from a holistic and relatively simple approach of nurturing the skin to achieve a healthy complexion. helps customers achieve this goal through healthy, skincare makeup.

A celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist, Sullivan began her journey to create the makeup line available at while trying to discover a solution to her adult acne. Through her research, she found that many products in the beauty care market contain harmful ingredients that are more likely to damage skin and cause breakouts than to repair it. She sought a solution that would be accessible and affordable for anyone. As the owner of, Sullivan discovered throughout her experience as a makeup artist that most women do not understand proper technique in applying makeup. Her interest in helping women and finding the solution to her skin condition culminated in the development of the Perfect Pigment system, a natural mineral makeup formulated with natural ingredients and pigments for easy, mistake-proof application.

Many customers have seen the makeup featured in Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine, New Beauty Magazine, and in half-hour infomercials produced by the owner of The infomercial series, which introduces the synergistic mineral makeup kit that includes the Perfect Pigment compact, retractable brush, lip gloss, concealer, and an instructional DVD, earned the owner of two Telly Awards in 2008. The Perfect Pigment infomercial earned both Best Beauty Infomercial and Best Graphic Design. In addition to the company’s achievements in television advertising, the owner of was awarded the 2007 Electronics Retail Association award for website of the year. To find more on the rejuvenating and age-defying creams, makeup, and elixirs, interested customers can visit

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