Ceviche House - Ceviche House embodies the age-old tradition of Peruvian cuisine

Ceviche House

Ceviche House embodies the age-old tradition of Peruvian cuisine. Located in Orlando, Florida, Ceviche House draws on the culinary heritage of the Chimu people, Native Americans who flourished in the coastal regions of northern Peru throughout much of the 14th and 15th centuries. An agrarian society, the Chimu created irrigation systems to nourish their crops. Today, the menu of Ceviche House draws inspiration from the classic food of the ancient Chimu. With an assortment of surf and turf appetizers and entrees, Ceviche House caters to the most discriminating palates.

Seafood aficionados may choose to begin the meal with Calamares Fritos, crisp rings of calamari accompanied by a zesty creole sauce. As a main course, the restaurant offers a number of appetizing options, including Chaufa de Pescado, cubes of white fish prepared in a chaufa sauce, stir-fried with rice, and drizzled with sesame oil.

Ceviche House features many varieties of the popular seafood dish of the same name. Restaurant patrons may choose from a medley of shrimp and white fish marinated in citrus juices and combined with diced onion, garlic, and red rocoto pepper. Options also include Ceviche Mixto, a blend of squid, shrimp, octopus, white fish, red onions, cilantro, and rocoto pepper doused in citrus juices.

With eight choices on the menu, Ceviche House provides an alternative to suit every palate. When Ceviche House opened its doors in 2008, the restaurant enjoyed instant success. Over the years, the venue has served as an ideal location for family get-togethers, birthday celebrations, and other special events.

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