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Sophie’s Creations in Queens, New York - After nearly a quarter century of success, Sophie’s Creations in Queens, New York, continues to accommodate people as they celebrate life’s milestones. Prior to opening the small boutique, founder Sophie Dabakarov held a number of appointments in New York City’s famed Diamond Distr... read more
Industries: Retail, Retail, Bridal, Luxury
The Gemstone Destination>
The Gemstone Destination - Genuine, reliable and reasonably priced gemstone jewelry is available online at, the online jewelry store. We claim that we have one of the best stores that offer the loose gemstones as well as gemstone jewelry at the best price in the industry. As for the credentials of this store, read more
Industries: Retail, Bridal, Luxury, Online
Simplicity Gourmet>
Simplicity Gourmet - Come, learn why we want to share our story with you. Simplicity Gourmet serves our customers by enhancing their lifestyle, and providing products and knowledge to create healthy homes. Our goal: Help every family in America eat more at home each week. Simplicity Gourmet believes that the strength ... read more
Industries: Bridal, Household Goods, Luxury, Specialty
Mr. Bokay Flowers and Greenhouse - One stop shopping for all your floral needs.  Where Quality Matters Most.  >
Mr. Bokay Flowers and Greenhouse - One stop shopping for all your floral needs. Where Quality Matters Most. - Unsurpassed freshness and quality. Over 35 years of customer satisfaction. Delivering flowers seven days a week. Voted "Favorite Place on Google." Your "Yes We Can" flower shop. Visit for more selections. Mr. Bokay Flowers is committed to quality, service and freshness. O... read more
Industries: Business, Small Business, Consumer, Bridal, Bridal
LuvEssentials - The Scent of Attraction>
LuvEssentials - The Scent of Attraction - Named a top eBay seller in client satisfaction, LuvEssentials has established itself as a trusted brand for top-quality, expertly produced pheromone scents. Developed in a lab, LuvEssentials’ Max Attraction Silk pheromone spray for women boasts three times the potency level of most other ... read more
Industries: Lifestyle, Small Business, Retail, Bridal, Fashion
Fine art ketubahs>
Fine art ketubahs - Arielle and Maya, two New York-based artists, met while working as art administrators at a non-profit organization in midtown Manhattan. In 2009, Arielle decorated a ketubah for a family friend. Watching the bride and groom sign the ketubah before their wedding, she was moved: it was the first time... read more
Industries: Women, Small Business, Bridal, Judaism, Bridal