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Right Construction - Denver, CO>
Right Construction - Denver, CO - Located in Denver, Colorado, Right Construction specializes in remodeling, project management, personal consulting, and commercial and residential tenant finish. Right Construction is owned and operated by Mitchell Right, who possesses more than three decades of experience in the construction indu... read more
Industries: Construction, Other
Moneylogic - An association made up of business owners, nonprofit organizations, and consumers, Moneylogic offers a platform to help its members lower costs and save money. Moneylogic functions as a members-only discount warehouse for “Total Financial Wellness,” giving individuals and small compani... read more
Industries: Financial Services, Other
Electron Solar Energy's CompanyPond>
Electron Solar Energy's CompanyPond - With more than 50 years of experience between its engineers and access to the best products and warranties in the industry, Electron Solar Energy provides top-quality service in the installation of solar and other alternative energy systems in the Miami, Florida, area. Electron Solar Energy was fo... read more
Industries: Energy, Other
Moonrise Productions' ProfilePond>
Moonrise Productions' ProfilePond - For those in the market for a web design, Moonrise Productions can handle any web presence imaginable, from interactive and mobile to social network and ecommerce. Moonrise Productions employs a team of experts who build visually appealing websites that translate a company’s or individual&rs... read more
Industries: Design, Technology, Blog, Consulting, Other
USA for Healthclaims>
USA for Healthclaims - The desire of medical practices to economize is good news for USA for Healthclaims, a company that markets a system for home business entrepreneurs to provide cost-saving electronic insurance claim filing to area doctors. With half of non-hospital claims still being filed on paper, the USA for Healt... read more
Industries: Computer:Software, Medical, Other
A Dogs Day Out - How can we help your dog?>
A Dogs Day Out - How can we help your dog? -   Charles Richardson currently serves as the General Manager and Partner of A Dog’s Day Out, LLC. Providing cage-free dog daycare, boarding, and certified grooming, A Dog’s Day Out (ADDO) offers the largest open daycare spaces for dogs in Northern Virginia. A Dog’s Day Out of... read more
Industries: Other
Holy Cross Luthern Church Peoria - A member of the Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America (ELDoNA), Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church in Peoria, Illinois, is led by Pastor Douglas Handrich. With more than two decades of experience as a Lutheran minister, Pr. Handrich leads his congregation in the teachings of the Lutheran... read more
Industries: Other
Alkeon Capital Management>
Alkeon Capital Management - Overseeing $2.5 billion in investments, Alkeon Capital Management is a hedge fund manager started in 2002. As Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer, and founder of Alkeon Capital Management, Panayotis “Takis” Sparaggis possesses nearly two decades of experience in managing invest... read more
Industries: Other
Kittentanz - Kittentanz, an Atlanta, Georgia-based cattery, specializes in Siamese, Burmese, Tonkinese, Himalayan Exotic, Balinese, and Tiffany kittens. Registering with Companion Cat Registry (CCR), Kittentanz fully guarantees the health of every kitten sold. Kittentanz protects its cats with vaccines for rabie... read more
Industries: Other
Since 1926, Camp Chipinaw has provided fun-filled summers for campers ages 7 through 17. >
Since 1926, Camp Chipinaw has provided fun-filled summers for campers ages 7 through 17. - Nestled in the Catskill Mountains near Bethel, New York, Camp Chipinaw’s picturesque wooded setting and 96-acre private lake set the stage for a wide variety of summer activities. Located just two hours northwest of New York City, Camp Chipinaw offers full eight-week sessions at its main read more
Industries: Other
FATS Digital >
FATS Digital - FATS Digital is Australia's largest media duplication and replication service provider with locations in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra. Specialising in DVD, CD and Blu-Ray duplication, replication and authoring, FATS digital operates from ISO9002 accredited facilities. FATS Digital provid... read more
Industries: Other, Technology
Prolific Energy >
Prolific Energy - Prolific Energy LLC, located in Dallas TX, is an eminent name in the Oil and Gas Field Exploration Services industry. It is a premier company which believes that integrity guides every business and it takes pride in staying true to the ideals upon which it was founded by John Seale read more
Industries: Other, Small Business
Indiana Neurology Specialty Care>
Indiana Neurology Specialty Care -   Possessing expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the peripheral, autonomic, and central nervous systems and related muscles, the physicians at Indiana Neurology Specialty Care serve a wide range of patients at locations in Indianapolis and Lafayette. Individuals with dizzi... read more
Industries: Health Care, Healthcare Provider, Other
The Spot Experience in New York.>
The Spot Experience in New York. - Although hundreds of doggy daycare services serve thousands of four-legged customers in New York City, The Spot Experience offers a unique array of services. The four locations (and counting!) establishment provides grooming, daycare, dog walking, retail and overnight boarding through a variety of p... read more
Industries: Other
Relax the Back carries a distinctive line of products to address the back and neck care needs of its customers.>
Relax the Back carries a distinctive line of products to address the back and neck care needs of its customers. - Relax the Back in Bellevue, Washington, offers a variety of solutions for the relief and prevention of back and neck pain. From self-massagers like the Thera Cane to top-of-the-line mattresses such as the TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe, Relax the Back products are innovative and medically-driven. Profes... read more
Industries: Other
Pens and Needles Custom Tattoo>
Pens and Needles Custom Tattoo - Located at 716 N. Weber St., Suite 200, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Pens and Needles Custom Tattoo creates custom body art from tattoos to body piercings. With a luxurious studio and gallery, Pens and Needles offers five private booths and eight additional workspaces with flat-screen television... read more
Industries: Arts, Other, Professional Services
EZ Docs Solutions>
EZ Docs Solutions - EZ Docs Solutions, located at 1430 Broadway, Suite 1513, in New York City, provides office imaging products and services to businesses of all sizes. EZ Docs products include copiers, scanners, multifunction devices, digital presses, facsimile machines, and micrographics processors. EZ Docs represent... read more
Industries: Other
Altman Dedicated Direct>
Altman Dedicated Direct -   Creative solutions for success in business can be found at Altman Dedicated Direct (ADD), a company devoted to providing effective direct-response marketing strategies that boost efficiency and profit. President Shari Altman and her team of qualified senior direct-response experts help compa... read more
Industries: Other
iFundTraders - iFundTraders provides individuals with the chance to learn the ropes of professional trading, as part of an elite team of fully funded traders. iFundTraders’ 7-Day Master Trader Training package offers students several full days of live trading, as well as ongoing mentorship and evaluation a... read more
Industries: Education, Financial Services, Other
Buckeye Grove Dental>
Buckeye Grove Dental - Buckeye Grove Dental, located in Grove City, Ohio, just outside of Columbus, has provided comprehensive dental care since 2008. Highly regarded for its use of high-tech dental tools, Buckeye Grove Dental offers a full range of services, from regular preventive dental checkups to an array of cosmetic... read more
Industries: Health Care, Healthcare Provider, Other