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Protecting the People>
Protecting the People - We are an award-winning law firm in Atlanta, Georgia. We help people with personal injury, civil rights and whistleblower cases. Our case evaluation is fast. It's free. It's confidential. It's the easiest way to know if you have a good case. Contact us today. Let us start fighting for you. Hours ... read more
Industries: Legal, Legal, Small Business, Government, Advocacy
Mercy Ministries>
Mercy Ministries - Mercy Ministries is a faith-based program committed to helping young women from all walks of life deal with issues ranging from physical and sexual abuse to eating disorders and unplanned pregnancy. As well, Mercy Ministries assists women with substance abuse issues and eating disorders. By utilizin... read more
Industries: Advocacy, Sexual Health, Parenting and Kids, Advocacy, Christianity
A Non Profit Organization Devoted to the Health and Hospital Building Initiatives in Angola>
A Non Profit Organization Devoted to the Health and Hospital Building Initiatives in Angola - MIDRAS leads a number of distinct social and community services projects, including Projeto Sorriso, an oral-health initiative undertaken in conjunction with the private health consulting firm Amosmid. Focused in Huambo and Luanda Provinces, MIDRAS targets children ages 5-12, instilling proper ... read more
Industries: Business, Advocacy
Family Veterinary Hospital of Stone Ridge's Companypond>
Family Veterinary Hospital of Stone Ridge's Companypond - Family Veterinary Hospital of Stone Ridge accommodates a variety of pets throughout the Virginia counties of Loudon, Prince William, and Fairfax, including the cities of Chantilly, South Riding, and Ashburn. Located in Chantilly, the hospital thrives under the direction of Dr. Hanh Chau, who w... read more
Industries: Health, Advocacy, Medications and Drugs, Medical
AmeriClerkships Medical Society - Many medical residencies in the United States are beginning to require that International Medical Graduate (IMG) candidates have hands-on experience with the American health care system. AmeriClerkships Medical Society offers applicants a number of clerkship opportunities designed to help them a... read more
Industries: Advocacy, Medical