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Healthy-Living Television for the Kid in us All!>
Healthy-Living Television for the Kid in us All! - Since its debut in 1998, Cooking With Cutty has grown from airing on statewide Hawaiian television six days a week to a nationally syndicated program. In August, 2012, Cooking With Cutty partnered with Me-TV, an MGM network, to begin airing the show in 127 TV markets across 46 states as read more
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Santa Monica Acting Classes>
Santa Monica Acting Classes - In the year 2000, Michelle Danner and Larry Moss founded Edgemar Center for the Arts, a two theatre and art gallery complex. The Larry Moss Studio has been housed at Edgemar since the cutting of the ribbon in 2002 and has flourished and grown into what is now The Acting read more
Industries: Education, Entertainment, Movies and Film, Television, Theater
Acting School - Los Angeles, CA>
Acting School - Los Angeles, CA - Located in North Hollywood, California, The Acting Corps provides actors with the tools and knowledge necessary to become professional actors and book legitimate acting work. With over 3,000 alums, The Acting Corps remains the first and only short-term acting conservatory, renowned for its abili... read more
Industries: Theater, Movies and Film, Television, Entertainment, Education
Designing Spaces>
Designing Spaces - Designing Spaces is a popular, nationally aired home improvement television show. Airing on the Lifetime Television network, it can be viewed on Thursdays and Fridays at 7:30 a.m. ET/PT every week, and is focused on delivering lifestyle and entertainment branded television programming to its viewers... read more
Industries: Entertainment, Television, Leisure, Lifestyle, Marketing
The Balancing Act>
The Balancing Act - The Balancing Act is a nationally-aired television show appearing on Lifetime Television network back-to-back Monday through Friday at 7 AM ET/PT. With a focus on delivering lifestyle and entertainment branded television programming to its viewers, the show is about women, for women, and trusted by ... read more
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DR Marketing Group>
DR Marketing Group - DR Marketing Group is a direct response marketing company dedicated to creating real advertising solutions for our customers.  Our team caters to businesses of all sizes—from small companies to Fortune 1000.  We are not only committed to providing your company with the means to marke... read more
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Incredible Discoveries - Leaders in Direct Response Marketing>
Incredible Discoveries - Leaders in Direct Response Marketing - Incredible Discoveries specializes in direct response, bringing your company’s message to consumers in a variety of ways. Whether through TV and radio ads, print media, direct mail, or online advertising, the company uses its expertise to give your company the exposure it needs to become a suc... read more
Industries: Television, Entertainment, Marketing, Business
The Balancing Act Lifetime>
The Balancing Act Lifetime - The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television is America’s only morning show about women, for women and trusted by women. With shows that are both educational and inspiring, The Balancing Act on Lifetime emphasizes personal and professional achievement, arming women with the tools necessary to live... read more
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