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Conduit - Conduit is an Internet company that develops tools for online publishers to find and keep their audiences. Conduit has four products in its offerings. The first product is Community Toolbar: a platform used by companies and online publishers to develop dedicated toolbars. The second product, Mob... read more
Industries: Marketing, Media, Business
The SEO-Friendly Content Marketing Agency>
The SEO-Friendly Content Marketing Agency - Marketing is all about making a splash in the world, raising awareness and building a buzz around your business, products and services. Our content marketing will do just that through feature content, news articles and white papers, engaging your audience, keeping you front of mind and positioning ... read more
Industries: Business, Marketing, Media, Professional Services, Social Media
SalesStaff LLC>
SalesStaff LLC - In 2011, business to business demand generator SalesStaff LLC was named the third annual winner of DemandGen Report’s Sales & Marketing Alignment Award. The company won the honor for its ability to generate sales contacts using advanced email marketing techniques, and was able to use i... read more
Industries: Business, Accounting, Computers and Software, Marketing, Media
Healthy-Living Television for the Kid in us All!>
Healthy-Living Television for the Kid in us All! - Since its debut in 1998, Cooking With Cutty has grown from airing on statewide Hawaiian television six days a week to a nationally syndicated program. In August, 2012, Cooking With Cutty partnered with Me-TV, an MGM network, to begin airing the show in 127 TV markets across 46 states as read more
Industries: Media, Television, Health, Fitness
Direct Media Power>
Direct Media Power - Direct Media Power is recognized as an industry leader in pay-per-call radio response media. Investing over $50 million dollars in national radio advertising over the past five years, the company works alongside all major radio networks nationally, in addition to over 2,000 local radio stations. Us... read more
Industries: Media
Now, be a part of the energy solution >
Now, be a part of the energy solution - The Rational Middle Energy production is a series of short films focused on encouraging open, balanced dialogue about energy and the world's future possibilities. Designed to represent a broad range of environmental and industrial perspectives, the film series incorporates input from a diverse group... read more
Industries: Media, Movies and Film, Advocacy
Committed to Assisting Business and Church Leaders with Growing Their Respective Organizations - Gdirect LLC is a faith-based publishing and marketing company based in Mesa, Arizona, serving mega-churches throughout the United States. Gdirect produces multi-platform church business directories that are online, digital, mobile, and in full-color print. Gdirect operates as an extension of the chu... read more
Industries: Business, Books, Lifestyle, Marketing, Media
Online Media Company>
Online Media Company - An online company that helps publishers of web content generate income by allowing advertising on their sites, AdUp Media streamlines the process for publishers, enabling them to begin generating income quickly from their sites. Publishers are not required to make major changes to the formats o... read more
Industries: Media, Marketing, Business
Nationally recognized provider of audio and digital media systems>
Nationally recognized provider of audio and digital media systems - A nationally recognized provider of audio and digital media systems, Russound Inc. received a citation from Governor John Lynch in 2011 in recognition of its Product of the Year nomination by the New Hampshire High Technology Council. In recent years, Russound has earned honors including the CES (C... read more
Industries: Media
A Media and Public Relations Agency - Fifteen Minutes is a public relations and media consultation firm founded in 2005 by Hollywood public relations expert Howard Bragman. The company is staffed by 20 media specialists and public relations veterans and provides a broad array of client-centered public relations services to businesses, f... read more
Industries: Social Media, Professional Services, Media, Marketing, Business
Providing customers with a totally immersive audience experience>
Providing customers with a totally immersive audience experience - Digital Cinema Destinations Corp., or Digiplex, transforms traditional movie theaters into centers for digital entertainment and education. With digital technology, the company’s theaters can deliver live content carefully targeted to local audiences. Digiplex allows theatergoers to experience... read more
Industries: Business, Leisure, Lifestyle, Media
O'Reilly Public Relations>
O'Reilly Public Relations - Serving a diverse client base, award-winning communications firm O’Reilly Public Relations (OPR) provides a wide array of services, including copywriting, corporate positioning, government, media, and community relations, promotions and special events and brand marketing. Founded in River... read more
Industries: Media, Business
Delivering Consumer Insights>
Delivering Consumer Insights - Announce Media powers networked consumer-focused sites that offer users content relevant to their specific needs. Announce Media’s integrated cross-vertical social media properties focuses on offering users intelligent commercial options with generated content enhanced by social-media deci... read more
Industries: Advocacy, Consumer, Marketing, Media, Lifestyle
Midwest Circulation LLC>
Midwest Circulation LLC - At its core, Midwest Circulation LLC is a business. The company provides young adults with the opportunity to make money and win prizes through their work selling magazines on an independent contractor basis. Through this work, young adults have the opportunity to strengthen their sales skills and ... read more
Industries: Marketing, Media, Books, Business
The Car Wash Miami Florida - Centrally situated on South Dixie Highway in Coconut Grove, The Car Wash has a two-decade history of serving the Miami, Florida, community. State-of-the-art facilities include a touchless wash system that utilizes a fully automated conveyor belt for cars. Trained professionals thoroughly vacuum... read more
Industries: Business, Consumer, Events, Marketing, Media
Bringing a consultative approach to matchmaking>
Bringing a consultative approach to matchmaking - Widely recognized as one of the world's foremost matchmaking firms, Selective Search offers an array of unique services to clients. With the primary goal of laying the foundation for successful unions between busy professionals, Selective Search employs strategies otherwise reserved to hire top-leve... read more
Industries: Media, Social Media> - With an innovative software design and revenue plan, Jexy’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform is shaping up to be the next great innovation in application programming interfaces (APIs). According to Jexy founder Clay Loveless, integration obstacles and uneven application distribution ... read more
Industries: Startup, Media, Business
Companies looking to find value in the television advertising market turn to George Streapy >
Companies looking to find value in the television advertising market turn to George Streapy - Companies looking to find value in the television advertising market frequently turn to George Streapy of Crystal Clear Concepts, a Florida-based agency that specializes in Direct Response TV. Direct Response advertising provides a way to manage the expansion in television and cable stations an... read more
Industries: Media
United Readers' Service's Company Pond>
United Readers' Service's Company Pond - Customers who sign up with United Readers Service receive access to quality subscriptions at high-value rates. With the many magazines to choose from, this service provides the best selection of magazines for the home, office, or small business.  United Readers Service uses a PDS (Paid During ... read more
Industries: Media, Publishing
AtHomeNet is to provide high quality, customizable websites and Internet solutions to homeowners.>
AtHomeNet is to provide high quality, customizable websites and Internet solutions to homeowners. - AtHomeNet, Inc., was founded in 1998 by the husband and wife team of Jeff and Susan Sanders. Tired of their long commutes, the two were determined to create a new service using the developing technology of the Internet to offer compelling, useful solutions to their association read more
Industries: Media, Social Media